Episode 3: Using Mindset to Improve Performance with James Haskell


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English Rugby superstar, James Haskell, who currently plays for Wasps RFC and has earned 77 caps for England, stresses the importance of keeping a positive mindset. In rugby as well as in other aspects of his life, he finds that establishing mindset is essential to performing his best, both mentally and physically. As a part of this mentality, Haskell encourages people to not to be held back by negativity from social media and to believe in their personal ambitions.

In this episode, Haskell explains how commitment leads to results, and why people should never be distracted from their ultimate goal. To Haskell, hard work, dedication, and willpower are the ingredients of a successful life. He furthermore reveals his philosophy that living in the moment can help people feel fulfilled because it draws your focus to what’s important right now, which is a stepping stone to a fruitful future.

Key Takeaways:

02:11 – How Haskell’s rugby career began

05:56 – The importance of mindset in Haskell’s successful rugby career

07:35 – Dealing with stress and negativity on the field

09:35 – How rejection shaped Haskell’s perspective on life and dealing with


12:42 – The danger of social media validation on your mindset

14:05 – Putting one foot forward at a time and accomplishing daily goals

16:26 – How ignoring negative feedback made Haskell perform his best

18:31 – Ending back in the England camp and beating previous records

19:55 – Physical action vs. mental action in terms of mental success

23:23 – How Haskell deals with negativity from being in the public eye

29:09 – Why Haskell set up his fitness business

30:39 – The dividing factor between those who are successful and those who aren’t

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