About the App

Using a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy and performance coaching, our mindset coaching app generates states of peak performance, effortless calm, and deep sleep in just minutes a day. Mindset is the key that unlocks your full potential, and Primed Mind builds a strong mindset so you can attack each day with full focus and determination.

The Story of Primed Mind

The Primed Mind story starts in 2015 when a then 22-year-old poker phenom named Fedor Holz began working with an up-and-coming Mindset & Performance coach named Elliot Roe. Over the next 18 months, Fedor would then go on one of the most legendary runs in tournament poker history, earning over $21,000,000 during that span. After seeing the shifts that working on his mindset had, Fedor and Elliot decided to team up to share these techniques with the world.

Elliot Roe, the voice of Primed Mind, is considered one of the world’s top Mindset & Performance coaches. He helps those in highly demanding industries unlock their full potential and perform on-demand.

His clientele includes Professional athletes, High-stakes Poker players, Olympians, UFC Champions, Hollywood actors, Wall Street traders, Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Executives.

Primed Mind leverages many of the strategies Elliot uses with private clients and allows anyone to access them on-demand.

The #1 Mindset App

Mindset coaching combines the elements of meditation, hypnotherapy, and life coaching. By that, we create a structure
that is aimed to help you achieve your goals