Meet Dan Heskett

Dan Heskett is a Mindset Coach and & qualified Hypnotherapist form the Royal Berkshire School of Clinical Hypnotherapy based in London, England. 

His clients include world champion poker players, professional chess players, financial traders, entrepreneurs and athletes. Dan has over 5 years’ experience coaching clients, enabling them to break through success barriers so that they can live up to their potential.

Oli Thomas

Proprietary Trader - Axia Futures

“Since we started working together I have seen some of the best results of my career. 

Most significantly he has helped me become a more process orientated trader less affected by day to day emotional swings aiding my consistency and development”


“He has helped me overcome and understand a lot of my mental blockages that come from all kinds of experiences lived throughout my life and this is leading me to become the best version of myself on all levels. 

Hypnotherapy is a technique that I encourage everyone to try, and I couldn’t recommend enough to try it with such a great guide as Dan. I have no doubt that his coaching is a pivotal element to my success.”

Ana Marquez

High-Stakes Poker Player & 888 Poker Ambassador

“Dan has been a huge help in reconnecting me with the grounded, confident and powerful side of myself, that is deep in each of us. It has been a great impact on both my personal and professional life.” 

Alex Timman

Adam Skyes

“Working with Dan has been a great experience. He’s a true professional and as a result of him having played poker for a living for so many years, he has a genuine understanding of the everyday challenges poker players face. Whether you have serious tilt issues or just want to fine tune your game, I’d highly recommend working with Dan as it is an excellent investment for anyone who takes poker seriously and will pay for itself many times over.”
“Dan is everything you could want in a mental game coach. He is a great guy, personable, listens well, and can adapt to any situation that comes up in a session. I believe so much in the power of his mental game coaching that I cover the cost of it for each horse in my stable once they make it out of the low stakes. I have heard nothing but great feedback and have had the most sceptical of players let me know they are ecstatic to be working with him after the fact.”

Gabriel Kollander

“When I first started working with Dan I had a tilt issue that was off the scale! After just one session with Dan I noticed a massive difference in my tilt which was fantastic for my game, getting in touch with Dan through my stable has been the most plus EV decision I have ever made and I recommend mental coaching to every poker player no matter what stakes you play. If you have a mental leak and know it then Dan is the man for you. It’s not just my life in poker that has benefited from working with Dan but also my life outside of poker, he has helped me focus on having a more balanced lifestyle instead of everything revolving around poker, by having a more balanced lifestyle outside of poker I feel this improves your game as well. I have worked with Dan for many months now and every session I feel I have gained value information from him about myself and they way I do things that will put me ahead of the other players in my field.”

Will Underwood

Jordan Berry

“Prior to seeing Dan for the first time I never had a great understanding of how serious I needed to take poker in order to reach my full potential. I would think grinding 2-3 hours a day would be enough and eventually I would catch my break. However, after a lack of progress due to work ethic and poor scheduling on my behalf Dan sent me in the right direction. Instantly I saw the results and my chip EV took off. I increased my weekly volume, stuck to a strict schedule and set out to be the best poker player I can. I feel like there’s a million miles to go but I’m a million miles from where I was!”
“You can NOT be serious about poker until you have spoken with Dan! Having the right mindset is key to success not only in poker but in life as a whole. I would not be where i am today without the help of Dan.”

Berry Gledhill

“In the past I’ve always been known to have big mental game problems and its held me back for a very long time, I never believed in “mental game coaching” or hypnotherapy but since working with Dan I’ve totally changed my views, i have noticed massive improvements in my mental game which has really helped my results Furthermore as a result of our sessions I’ve also become me a lot more open minded to other beneficial things that in the past i wouldn’t of even tried.”

Grant Davis

Edgars Zunda

“Before starting to work with Dan I considered my mental game to be pretty solid. After first few sessions I realized that it was one of my biggest leaks I had at the tables. I was lacking focus and motivation which led me to rarely playing my best game. A lot has changed now, and thanks to Dan I have improved in every area of my mental game. Dan is very passionate about what he does, and I have felt an significant improvement after every session we had. He knows how to spot your mental leaks and is an expert in helping you to fix them.”