Meet Adrienne Carter

Adrienne Carter defines herself by a willingness to push past boundaries to get the most out of life.

 A focus on mindset allowed Adrienne to excel in all fields she has entered. First, quickly rising the ranks to lead the trauma unit Occupational Therapy team

Trained by two of the world’s top hypnotherapists, Elliot Roe and Grace Smith, Adrienne’s experience and education uniquely qualify her as a high-level Mindset & Performance Coach.

Adrienne now works with high-performers in the most demanding industries, helping them perform at their best when it matters most, and to unlock the best version of themselves.

Nick Mayhugh

Paralympian 3x Gold Medalist | 1x Silver Medalist | 3x World Record Holder.

“I am a Gold Medalist because of Adrienne.
I am a World Record holder because of Adrienne.
I can say both of those statements 3 more times, because of Adrienne.

It’s my job to get to the big show, the start line, the Paralympics. She gave me the extra 10% I need to kiss my first gold medal, then the second and third, and an equivalent yet shorter smooch on my silver.

Working with her, I genuinely believe that if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have left with the accolades I have now. She pushed me, and helped unlock a part of my brain (which is already at a disadvantage) that I didn’t know existed. That part is what took me from a pro, an athlete, a Paralympian – to Nick Mayhugh, 3x Gold Medalist, 1 Silver Medalist and 3x World Record Holder.

She is apart of the Magic. The born hashtag #MayhughMagic and she will be not only until the day I hang up any cleat I wear, but until I leave this mortal coil.”


“There are very few people I can trust to work with our athletes. At the professional and Olympic level everything matters, and we are so lucky to have Adrienne Carter. It’s like a secret weapon at the highest level that unlocks their mind and allows these high performers to reach the impossible. The confidence and calm she brings to them has helped them achieve wonders. The best in the world.”

Justin Kavanaugh

 “I was as skeptical as anyone could be going into my first session with Adrienne, but our work together had an impact on all areas of my life far beyond my imagination. My initial goal was to optimize my performance and kick off business growth, and while her insights and help were instrumental for these areas, Adrienne also helped me to have a better all-around life and enjoy every moment with my family and friends. You simply can’t put a price tag on that. If you are considering working with Adrienne, just ask yourself if you really can afford not to do that!”

Tadas Peckaitis

iBetMedia CEO

Ivan Zufic

Professional Poker Player

“It was amazing to work with Adrienne and we’re still working together. After taking 6 sessions with her I realized how much power there is in a hypo session with her and I extended for a full year.

This is the way how you can get the most out of hypno and combined with your own inner work.  You will become a new, more powerful version of yourself.”

“Adrienne is simply life-changing. After going through everything happening in my life and what my goals were, we were able to break down so many mental barriers I didn’t even realize I was putting up for myself.

After 4 sessions, I am more confident, more focused, more driven, more assertive, and overall clearer about every aspect of my life. I had purpose, but Adrienne helped me find direction.”

K.L. Cleeton

Co-founder Range Trainer Pro

“My experience working with Adrienne can be summed up in a single word: transformational.
I reached out to Adrienne seeking help breaking through a few select limiting beliefs and risk aversion as it related to my play at the poker table. Specifically, I was battling major financial risk aversion and a barrage of ego-related challenges.
Adrienne helped me quickly realize that these challenges were manifesting in my marriage and business.

In less than a year, through deep, challenging work in each of our sessions, alongside additional work done by me (and recommended by Adrienne) outside of our sessions, I was able to truly grow in all aspects of my life – completely leveling up into the next best version of myself.”

Paul Salter

Alexandra Stockwell

MD, Relationship and Intimacy Expert

“Adrienne is both caring and skillful. I have referred multiple clients to her and will definitely do so again in the future because I know she is respectful, deep, and precise in her work.I also adore her as a woman and mother.”

“Among the coaches and teachers that have helped me hone my technique abilities and performing skills, the time I spent with Adrienne was some of the most helpful and revelatory work I have done. As a performing artist, my mental blocks have proved just as limiting as the hurdles I have faced. Her coaching helped me create a mindset to push myself further than I thought was possible with my dancing.”

Finnian Carmeci

Dancer with American Ballet Theaters Studio Company

“Dealing with our past, our traumas and our issues can be quite painful sometimes, but Adrienne’s work does it in such a beautiful way… I started working with her after going thru my biggest downswing, during a very mentally tough pandemic year, and although my goal was initially just to deal with mental-game issues, after our first session I already felt a big difference in my personal life, in my relationships, and things I didn’t even know I had to work on… after a long time having very stressful sessions I had my first fun and pleasant one, and fell very excited and willing to get back into the grind, which I’m extremely thankful for!”

Felipe Boianovsky

“Working with Adrienne has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. She is incredibly easy and an absolute pleasure to talk to and is very invested in making sure that you get the most out of each session. I’ve been surprised by how big improvements I’ve been able to make in a few sessions. Going in I wasn’t aware of many of the weaknesses I had. Adrienne has helped make poker, and life in general, feel a lot less stressful, more effortless and overall much better.”


J.L. High Stakes Online Professional Poker Player

“If I ever write an autobiography, Adrienne would be at the top of the thanks list.
I noticed changes immediately after the first session, through hypnosis, Adrienne reinstalled the software in my brain. At first, she made everything easier for me, whether that is on table or off table, my exercise and diet too, to excel in every corner of my life to meet my goal. I learnt how to work with my emotions; not to suppress them, but rather to surf on waves of emotions. The huge changes Adrienne has brought to me are hard to describe in this short paragraph. I would recommend Adrienne to any high performers because she unlocks your potential!” 

Shibo Pang

Professional Poker Player

“I was skeptical about hypnosis in the beginning, but I tried it because I wanted to be a better poker player. What it actually did was help me be better in every aspect of my life. How I feel about myself. How I relate to my wife and kids. How I interact with people. It’s even improved the time I spend with my dogs! It’s made me a better man.  It is literally the best investment I have made in my life. Adrienne is awesome and I will never be able to repay her for the difference she has made in my life.”

Jeff Newman

John McAllister

Bridge Enthusiast | Producer of Double Dummy Movie

“Training with Adrienne helped me turn a good year of bridge into my best ever. Her mindset coaching helped me win my first North American title. In part thanks to our work together, I now know I can win against the best bridge players in the world.”