Meet Stephen Baker

Stephen’s background as a trial attorney, entrepreneur, and professional poker player is the foundation on which his Mindset & Performance coaching philosophy is built upon.

These diverse and challenging experiences have helped him develop a deep understanding of the challenges that must be overcome to thrive in high-performance environments.

Orjan Magnus Eide

Spring Championship Of Online Poker Bracelet Winner 2021

“After Hypnosis with Steve I feel I could access the part of my game which were always there, but was blocked off by these mental game issues.”


“I have seen significant changes in my reactions, not only in poker but throughout my day as well, in all aspects of life. I would recommend Steve to everyone.”

Konstantinos Fioravantis

“Steve helped me understand my emotions and the reasons behind them. This helped me a lot because I experienced a totally new kind of feeling in terms of relaxation and self confidence.”

Sergiu Zaharia

Gina Valentina - Vatra


“I don’t think that I have enough words to describe what huge impact you have made in my life. Thank you from all of my heart. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and I can’t wait for the next steps of this wonderful journey.”
“Like most poker players, I used to have problems with organization, time management and planning. Working with Stephen has helped me immensely in these areas and now I am more productive while at the same time I defend my leisure time. He is like a walking encyclopedia for personal development. Stephen’s voice is calming and his hypnotherapy goes deep to reprogram the subconscious.”

Stoyan Obreshkov

“Stephen’s strength is in his holistic approach, not only has he helped me and my team members to work better, but he has also contributed to a stronger foundation beyond my working life.”

Henrik Johansson