Meet Samm Hunter

As a highly sought-after transformation and performance coach she takes leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and ambitious individuals like you to the next level. Her work is more than just coaching, it’s a highly transformative experience, enabling you to shift the way you view yourself, others and the way you interact with the world and one another. It’s powerful work, support, expert strategy and accountability that change the trajectory of your life forever. She is here to elevate you, and help you create lasting success, in all areas of your life, from the inside out. She is a regularly featured mindset & transformation expert in media. You can see her places such as FOX, CBS & NBC.

Samm’s prior history as a successful entrepreneur, who has scaled multiple businesses, has taken these years of personal experience, insight and the pain along the journey and combined it with her obsession to optimize human potential and the human experience. She learned through her personal journey what was effective and what wasn’t for providing lasting change. As a result, she utilizes the most powerful combination of the tools available to help you achieve your goals.

Kristy Dinsmore

Actress & Artist

“Samm is an incredible force, she helps lift the cloud of doubt by encouraging you to dive deep into your most vulnerable places with such courage, nurture and empathy. She helps you take action and implement the necessary steps to create a life you want or to help you heal and grow. She helped me change the looping thoughts I was creating and explained it in a way that I could fully resonate with. She helps you open your mind to new possibilities, grow and better help yourself in finding those areas we often are stuck in. I feel that since seeing Samm I was better able to cope with certain aspects of my personal & professional life, to see the bigger picture, gain perspective and take action so I can enjoy this beautiful life!”


“I’ve worked with a ton of therapists and spent ton of money and in my short time together with Samm we have made more progress than anywhere in the past. I’d highly recommend working with Samm!”

Miranda Popen

Entrepreneur & Owner of The Period lab

“Samm literally CHANGED MY LIFE! She helped me realize I was fully capable and gain the confidence to launch my program! So, I DID and it’s going AMAZING!!! I am so grateful, she’s WONDERFUL, I absolutely recommend!”

Carly Gross

Mind-Body Nutrition and Self-Care Coach

Bradley Ruben

Professional Poker Player

“Samm helped me work through so many subconscious blocks which led to tons of breakthroughs. The main blocks revolved around self-worth issues, which are difficult to face, yet Samm guided me effortlessly and skillfully with her compassionate and attentive approach. One of my breakthroughs was winning my 4th WSOP bracelet, and I give Samm a lot of credit for helping me clear my stuff up so that I could perform at my peak and win. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend her to anyone!”

“I was feeling completely overwhelmed with my personal and professional life when I found Samm. I was in a dark place, living a really fast-paced life, not taking enough time for myself (not even knowing where to start) and falling into the trap of vices to cope with everything. With Samm, for the first time in my life I felt like I was able to work through certain beliefs and tendencies that had been driving me for years on autopilot. Have managed to develop a healthier personal life to compliment my professional life and vice versa. I feel very grateful for her help in getting me to where I am today!”

James Andrews

Genies- Head of Product

“Samm helped me develop a vision for what I want and where I want to be, but she has helped me remove the internal barriers that were preventing me from taking action. The support I’ve gotten from her has been incredible and I wouldn’t have the confidence to continue to step out of my comfort zone and grow in business without her.”

Jillian Keeler

Owner ROAM Fitness | LAT/ATC, ELDOA Practitioner

Phil Galfond

Poker Player | Business Owner

“Working with Samm has been an absolute pleasure! I felt so comfortable sharing the areas of my life I was struggling with, and she helped me to uncover the obstacles that I didn’t even know were there. I noticed an impact after the very first session. Thanks to Samm, I’ve become a better, more aware, more focused version of myself.”

“Samm is very skilled at her craft to grab your attention and get you to move to get results. I’m very blessed to have been a student under this Ridetastic teacher.”

Erik Feldman

Owner Mortgage Ride

“I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Samm. She has been an excellent relationship coach for me. She’s really attentive, listens to everything and probes to discover the underlying issues, then provides valuable insights and work arounds to improve my relationship. It has helped to take my relationship to the next level.

She really offers a fresh perspective to a lot of the problems I’ve faced. Every session I’ve had has been well worth time and money.

Sessions with Samm feel really comfortable and non-intimidating. Her warm personality makes opening up and discussing personal issues really easy.”

Kabee Rajamurthy

Trader / Investor / Ex-Poker Player

Mollie Eastman

Founder, Sleep Is A Skill

“I consider Samm to be an invaluable asset to my business and life! She has been my secret weapon before life-changing talks, podcasts, workshops, & LIVE presentations – without which I’m clear that my life and my personal impact would be on an entirely different track. 

She is a wizard, so masterful at what she does and I’m so grateful to have her in my life! I still can’t believe how much we are able to shift in single sessions.

Our sessions have provided a huge return on investment allowing me to substantially increase business revenue! I highly recommend her! If you’re debating giving it a try-do it!”

“My journey with Samm has been nothing but eye-opening and self-reassuring. She has helped me understand myself, where I want to be, and who I’m going to be. She has shown me what it’s like to truly understand every ounce of my being. Samm, Thank you for being my saving grace and for helping me find my way back to who I was always created to be.”

Kristin Condrin

Media Consultant, Cox Media Group

“Thank you for everything you have given me spiritually, emotionally and mentally. You truly shifted my attitude and perception in life. I can say, because of you, I am truly healed from my trauma and can have healthy relationships with myself and others. You are truly an angel and light in this world. You were put on this earth to heal and guide others and I am a true testimony of that.

So thank you for everything!”

Josie Figuero

Mastin Kipp

Best-Selling Author | Trauma-Informed Coaching Pioneer

“Samm is a powerful coach who is not just book smart, but highly intuitive and able to not just see your blindspots, but guide you through them with fierce precision.”

“I met Samm at when she led our corporate year end seminar. I learned more from her in those 2 hours than anywhere else in my 20 year sales career. Meeting Samm in that moment was pivotal for me. I was on cruise control in multiple aspects in my life. I was accepting status quo and it was a cycle I wasn’t able to bring myself out of. Samm had the skill and ability to challenge me and help me shed the blocks that had been holding me back and keeping me stuck. I don’t even recognize my personal and professional life as a result of working with her. It has been a game-changer. I recommended Samm to anyone serious about challenging themselves to improve all aspects of life.”

John Showalter

Cox Media- Integrated Account Executive

“To say, “Samm is my hero” just doesn’t cut it. Samm is one of those people who finds the parts of you, you didn’t know were left and who will then help you pick up all those pieces, and put yourself back together again.

She’s an amazing coach and an even more amazing human! If you have the chance, work with her!”

Courtney Gillenwater

MD, Doctor Of Pediatrics

Maura Counahan

Director of Sales- Kurvana

“I have been working with Samm for a year and a half. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, she has changed my life.

Samm has taught me invaluable lessons I otherwise wouldn’t have learned. She has been instrumental in helping me navigate, understand, and transform my life. She has an amazing gift.

I would recommend her to anyone seeking growth. If you are seeking more for your soul, and tired of how you are operating- trust when I say – Samm will change your life.”

“If you’re someone who’s performance-oriented, actually wanting to become a better version of yourself and do the work then I definitely suggest working with Samm. 

If you’re skeptical of things like hypnotherapy and a very logically-minded person, like I was, then I would definitely suggest that you look into this!

If you are truly seeking a breakthrough, Samm is your person.”

Hunter O'Brien

Founder, MemberUp

“I’ve been working with Samm for several months and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, as far as self-improvement goes.

She helped me uncover a bunch of things that I didn’t even know were there, in the back of my mind, that had been holding me back. It was just incredible! I’ve had so many breakthroughs with Samm. 

I love her! I strongly encourage you to take a call because I can almost guarantee you will have the same feelings on the other side!”

Rachel Rossette

American & Brazilian Pop Star

Ivan Zufic

Professional Poker Player

“It was amazing to work with Adrienne and we’re still working together. After taking 6 sessions with her I realized how much power there is in a hypo session with her and I extended for a full year.

This is the way how you can get the most out of hypno and combined with your own inner work.  You will become a new, more powerful version of yourself.”

“Adrienne is simply life-changing. After going through everything happening in my life and what my goals were, we were able to break down so many mental barriers I didn’t even realize I was putting up for myself.

After 4 sessions, I am more confident, more focused, more driven, more assertive, and overall clearer about every aspect of my life. I had purpose, but Adrienne helped me find direction.”

K.L. Cleeton

Professional Poker Player | Poker Entrepreneur

“My experience working with Adrienne can be summed up in a single word: transformational.
I reached out to Adrienne seeking help breaking through a few select limiting beliefs and risk aversion as it related to my play at the poker table. Specifically, I was battling major financial risk aversion and a barrage of ego-related challenges.
Adrienne helped me quickly realize that these challenges were manifesting in my marriage and business.

In less than a year, through deep, challenging work in each of our sessions, alongside additional work done by me (and recommended by Adrienne) outside of our sessions, I was able to truly grow in all aspects of my life – completely leveling up into the next best version of myself.”

Paul Salter

Founder of The 5% Way | Coach

Alexandra Stockwell

MD, Relationship and Intimacy Expert

“Adrienne is both caring and skillful. I have referred multiple clients to her and will definitely do so again in the future because I know she is respectful, deep, and precise in her work.I also adore her as a woman and mother.”