Meet Valentina De Ferrari

Valentina de Ferrari has always had a thriving interest in helping people heal and improve their quality of life. After beginning her journey as a licensed Massage Therapist in 2015 and starting her own business with clientele ranging from elite coaches to entrepreneurs and athletes, Valentina developed a profound passion for health and wellness that led her to become a Registered Nurse.

Wanting to help her clients improve in all aspects of their lives, Valentina now utilizes a holistic approach to her work with hypnotherapy as the main tool to support physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Amanda Stanley

“My sessions with Valentina have been so beneficial for me and have significantly improved my life quality. I travel extremely often and wasn’t able to go to the airport without suffering from such bad anxiety I would throw up every time. However, since my sessions with Valentina I have been able to fly numerous times without any troubles and have seen so many improvements in other areas of my life as well. Looking back on where I started versus where my mental state is now, I am amazed at how low my anxiety levels are and how much my confidence has risen. I am so grateful to have met Valentina and HIGHLY recommend anyone scheduling sessions with her.”

“Valentina helped me move through subconscious blocks I didn’t realize were limiting my growth. I was able to increase my income, get clear on my happiness, and gain self-assurance. I highly recommend Valentina for her hypnotherapy sessions. She will help you step into your power and upgrade your life.”

Ariel Lund