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AJ Yager is a leading expert in Mindset & Emotional Optimization for High Performers. His unconventional coaching approach harnesses the power of hypnotherapy and NLP to overcome neglect, break through plateaus, and drive rapid growth.

With over 21 years of coaching experience, AJ is also an Amazon best-selling author and has founded eight successful companies. He regularly collaborates with leading brands worldwide and shares his insights as an international speaker.

His newest venture, “Awaken The Viking”, is a transformative 8-day event in Norway that promotes deep personal growth and lasting connections.


Time Stamped Show Notes


  • [00:06] AJ joins to discuss his coaching and the life-changing Viking initiation retreats in Norway.

    • 00:51 AJ traces his coaching roots back to his early NLP and hypnotherapy certifications and his evolution into coaching.
    • 05:33 Sharing insights on the challenges of organizing an international event in Norway, and highlighting the importance of environment and activities in fostering deep, meaningful connections at the event.

    [09:42] At the event, participants dive into a full immersion experience, combining ancient Viking activities such as cooking, axe throwing, and archery with meditative practices led by spiritual leaders, creating a unique environment that fosters personal transformation.

    • 17:47 The event uniquely combines Viking cultural insights with modern business strategies, Hot Seat coaching on a fjord cruise, bonding activities like rowing a Viking ship, and community-building practices, creating unforgettable experiences for participants.
    • 22:07 AJ recounts transformative experiences from the event, highlighting significant personal breakthroughs and communal support among attendees.

    [25:53] Highlighting the power of immersive settings, belinding international locales with community building and personal development, creating transformative experiences.

Key Learning Points…

  1. Immersion enhances learning and personal growth.
  2. Community building is vital for transformative experiences.
  3. Integrating historical practices offers unique insights and development.



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