096 – Peter Platzer – Reaching for the Stars: SPIRE’s Exponential Rise



Peter Platzer stands at the forefront of space technology as the founder and CEO of Spire Global, Inc. and its subsidiary. With a foundation in finance, having held pivotal roles at Deutsche Bank AG and TRG Management LP, Peter transitioned to space innovation with academic credentials from the International Space University and an MBA summa cum laude from Harvard Business School. His contributions earned him the esteemed White House Champion of Change award in 2013.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 00:48 From Austrian roots to a deep passion for space and physics; exploring the universe’s impact on humanity.
  • 03:45 Navigating from Tuscany’s astrophysics lessons to the world of high-level strategy consulting in Asia, before landing at Harvard Business School.
  • 08:44 Bouncing back from rejection to Harvard, with a drive to shake up the stagnant space industry.
  • 11:48 From startup attempts to Wall Street, embracing a role that fed his hunger to understand how the world operates and leveraging that knowledge in the investment realm.
  • 12:50 Surviving Wall Street’s 2008 crisis, Peter’s passion for space reignited at a NASA event. At 42, with Peter Diamandis’ backing, he traded Wall Street for a French university dorm to chase his space dream.
  • 16:24 While building a reputation as a tenor in New York, Peter faced skepticism from friends about his space ambitions, yet a wise voice coach inspired him to chase his dreams in Strasbourg, France.
  • 20:39 After poring over 964 research papers, Peter uncovered a startling exponential growth in cube and nanosatellite capabilities, leading him to confidently project their evolution for 2015 and 2020.
  • 25:19 Spire leverages space technology to combat climate challenges, offering improved forecasts for billions.
  • 28:08 We’re at the forefront of the data boom, gathering insights on everything from weather to transport. Leveraging AI and machine learning, we’re supercharging this data’s value for global impact.
  • 29:51 Questioning how to recognize “the one,” Peter’s friend Doug advised that if you’re asking, you already know. This clarity not only applied to love but also to life’s purpose, suggesting we should trust and chase those deep-seated feelings.
  • 34:35 Visit Peter’s LinkedIn for remarkable insights, beyond the usual. Thanks, Pete, for sharing your journey. Eagerly awaiting SPIRE’s continued growth in the coming years.

Key Learning Points…


  1. Trust Intuition and Passion in Decision-Making.
  2. Space Data Revolutionizes Insights and Industries.
  3. Authentic Storytelling Builds Connections.



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