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Dr. Pedram Shojai, an ex-Taoist monk and Kung Fu student, is a renowned doctor of Oriental Medicine and a pioneer in integrative health. Disillusioned by the limitations of traditional healthcare focused solely on acute care, he redirected his efforts towards promoting overall wellness and vitality. Shojai has authored 8 books, become a New York Times Bestselling Author, and produced numerous health-related films and series, emphasizing lifestyle changes for better health.

From February 19th-25th Elliot will be joining The Urban Monk in the Vitality Summit. Vitality is about how we live. How can we stack positive habits that move us in the right direction each day instead of the rollercoaster ride of new fad and miracle cures. The brightest minds in medicine have come together to bring you the “real talk” you need to hear and help you settle into true health that’s sustainable. 

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

[00:01] Welcome to the show…

  • 00:20 Dr. Pedram Shojai explains how he got into his journey of helping people with their health, their mindset and their vitality.
  • 01:40 Dr. Pedram Shojai’s transformative journey from acupuncture to a media-driven crusade against the shortcomings of Western healthcare, championing lifestyle as the ultimate medicine
  • 06:34 Embrace self-reliance and inspire change; life’s journey is about conquering personal limitations, akin to Kung Fu
  • 10:00 Full circle in medicine and life: it’s about holistic well-being, where managing stress and nurturing inner peace are central

[12:57] Success in healthcare depends on focusing on crucial aspects of life, not just treatments, but overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors

  • 15:00 Acknowledging personal responsibility is key to healing; those unwilling to look inward remain lost, unable to benefit from available support
  • 17:22 Real change requires teamwork and self-awareness; repeated failures with coaches or therapists often reflect personal patterns, not professional incompetence
  • 20:00 True healing in any profession requires ethical practice and excellence, not just sustaining client dependency for personal gain or safety

[21:53] Begin with restoring vitality through healthy habits, then strengthen the brain’s executive function to manage impulses and focus on solutions

  • 24:38 Focus on personal goals and recalibrate daily in an attention economy dominated by external demands, using targeted 100-day sprints for success
  • 26:17 Empowerment through guidance, not claims of success, and countering misinformation in health and wellness with credible voices in a confusing landscape
  • 28:13 Shifting focus from superficial health trends to deeper understanding and integration of health into one’s lifestyle, guided by experienced professionals

[21:53] Invitation to access invaluable health wisdom for free at the summit, an essential opportunity to address self-sabotage and learn from top wellness experts


Key Learning Points…

  1. Self-Responsibility for Health: Take charge of your health journey, recognizing lasting wellness comes from within, not just external solutions.
  2. Mindfulness and Decision-Making: Cultivate mental strength, particularly the prefrontal cortex, through practices like meditation, crucial for better decisions.
  3. Critical Health Information: Discern credible sources to make informed decisions; avoid misinformation in the overwhelming world of health advice.


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