094 – Roy Krebs – Boosting Brain Health


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Roy Krebs is a passionate supplement manufacturing expert who strives to promote the need to have an optimally functioning brain. He does this by creating supplements that can help you boost your productivity.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:04] Roy, thank you for joining me on the show!

  • [00:20] Roy talks about his journey into creating the Natural Stacks Brand, and how his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis largely influenced this decision.

  • [2:53] Roy explained how developing the formula Ciltep, now NeuroFuel paved the way for other neurotransmitters. He also shared that taking the Braverman assessment test helped him to understand the neurotransmitter he was deficient in.

  • [6:23] Roy used supplementation with dopamine precursor to regain control of his brain’s neurotransmitter. This resulted in reduced procrastination and increased motivation.

[8:46] Take an organic acid test to check your neurotransmitter level, and identify potential deficiencies. 

  • [13:40]  Roy suggests taking a small dosage of melatonin occasionally but warns of dependence and reduced effectiveness over time. 
  • [18:20] Poker players may benefit from optimizing acetylcholine levels before a tournament to enhance focus and performance.
  • [23:44] Roy mentions that NeuroFuel does not contain any stimulants and that makes it a good option for Poker players.

[30:05] Thank you for listening and head over to https://primedmind.com/naturalstacks and get your Primed Stack now

Key Learning Points…

  1. Everyone is different, everyone sees the world in different ways and processes information in different ways. That is because each person is dominant in different neurotransmitters.
  2. The ideal supplements stack for a poker player may include base nutrients like fish oil as well as neurofuel and dopamine to enhance focus and mental clarity.
  3. Once you can find out what you might be deficient in and help support the deficiency, you will feel pretty well-balanced and you can optimize your supplementation based on your day or what you’re trying to achieve.       


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