Episode 9: Grace Smith – Showing The World The Life-Changing Benefits of Hypnotherapy


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Grace Smith is on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream.

A renowned hypnotherapist, Grace is the founder of www.gshypnosis.com, the world’s #1 hypnotherapy hub, as well as Grace Space Hypnotherapy School.

Grace is a regular guest on CBS’s hit show, The Doctors, and her work has been featured in The Atlantic, Marie Claire, Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, Bustle, InStyle and more.

Grace’s private clients include celebrities, CEOs, professional athletes, and government officials; her keynote speeches and workshops have taken her to Procter & Gamble, Summit.Live, Women Empowerment Expo, Ritz Carlton, PSE&G, Soul Camp, Verizon, and HypnoBiz.

Keep a look out for her first book on self-hypnosis, Close Your Eyes, Get Free, hitting the shelves of all major retailers on July 17, 2018.

To learn more about Grace, check out her #mindsetreset videos on Instagram @GraceSmithTV that will help you easily and effortlessly transition into a more restful state.

Free Gift:

When you pre-order Grace’s new book, Close Your Eyes, Get Free, you’ll receive 3 gifts:

  • A free $50 coupon to spend on all digital hypnotherapy recordings at gshypnosis.com!
  • Digital access to Grace’s upcoming workshop, “How To Train Your Subconscious” and,
  • An invitation to Grace’s book launch party in New York City on July 18th.

Visit www.gshypnosis.com/book to pre-order the book today and claim your goodies!

In This Episode…

[1:45] How Grace’s experience of quitting smoking after her first session started her on the journey to becoming one of the most successful and respected hypnotherapists in the world.

[3:15] The incredible encounter that compelled Grace to leave her a high paced, high powered, corporate job to become a full-time hypnotherapist.

[7:15] How Elliot and Grace are dispelling the myths about hypnosis and making it a mainstream method of self-improvement.

[11:40] How to use hypnosis to become the best version of yourself and bring you’re A-Game every day.

[15:05] The 3 forms of hypnosis you can use to control your state and knock down any roadblocks holding you back.

[18:00] How Grace went from expecting a fight to get her book published to having three publishers engage in a bidding war for the rights.

[24:05] The two books that can help you start building your ideal life today.

[26:08] The counter intuitive way accomplish all your biggest goals and create freedom in your life.


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A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle 

The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris


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