Episode 7: Sifu Vik Hothi – The Martial Arts Master Too Stubborn to Die


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Martial arts instructor, Sifu Vik Hothi, has an incredible recovery story from experiencing kidney failure, a week-long coma, and then an infection just as he was about to return home. He is the longest serving practitioner of Wing Tsun, a traditional form of Southern Chinese Kung fu, in the UK. Soon after recovery, he broke the Guinness World Record for most punches in 60 seconds with a single arm. He took on his challenge to raise money and awareness of Mcardle disease, the condition that threatened his health and his life’s passion.

In this episode, Vik explains how despite continuously being in the face of bad news, he was able to maintain a determined mindset. He tells the story of how after his major health struggle, he had to learn how to bend his toes, sit up, and walk. In order to function again as an adult, Vik had to go through baby steps to recovery. He credits his strong will and work ethic to his parents. His resilient story of pain, struggle, and growth continues to inspire people to never give up and to keep “going through the process.”

Key Takeaways

01:06 – Recovering from kidney failure and a week-long coma

03:51 – Martial arts is Vik’s whole life

04:51 – Waking up from the coma

08:20 – Lessons of determination learned from years of martial arts

10:55 – Stress is change and change is good

11:50 – Getting through physical therapy

15:34 – Experiencing a flesh-eating disease and recovering back to square one

19:42 – Second process of recovery

21:18 – How it felt finally being able to go home

23:45 – Parents’ work ethic inspired Vik

24:57 – Breaking a Guinness World Record

28:42 – How family and friends responded to Vik’s recovery

29:17 – Living in the moment and not worrying about the past

31:09 – Growth Vik experienced through his health struggle

33:18 – Plenty of opportunities in a day to grow and train

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