Episode 5: The Truth About Mindset Coaching


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In this episode, host Elliot Roe speaks about the work he does as a mindset coach and explains why top performers choose to work with him in order to improve their performance. He discusses the beginnings of his career and what led him to his mission of helping others. In addition, Elliot offers help to those who feel the need to seek his coaching and explains the purpose of creating his new podcast, A-Game Advantage. To Elliot, hypnotherapy is similar to guided meditation, and keeping a focused mind helps you get through your issues and understand them.

Key Takeaways:

00:54 – Even the best in the world struggle to give their optimal performance

01:43 – How Elliot’s fear of flights turned his “adventure” into mindset

04:20 – Making a massive difference in people’s lives as a hypnotherapist

06:04 – Self-doubt is a learned behavior

07:43 – Guided meditation and revealed memories

08:52 – Visualization for performance

10:49 – The purpose of this podcast

11:22 – Seek out a performance coach or hypnotherapist if you feel held

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