Episode 4: Taking The Contrarian Path To Success with James Gettinger


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James Gettinger is recognized as one of the top Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players in the world. He credits the skills he learned from playing professional poker to his success in DFS. In addition to winning the Millionaire Maker, he has won over 100,000 multiple times in NBA DraftsKings and two million in the DraftKings world championships.

In this episode, James speaks about his transition from his professional poker career to DFS. In the process, James wrote software and acquired data to gain more knowledge about and to understand the workings of DFS. He also speaks about not letting his downswings negatively impact his thought process and gameplay. Regardless of whether James is playing poker or DFS, he explains that success within both fields is due to a clear mindset and careful, rational thinking.

Key Takeaways:

02:17 – What exactly daily fantasy sports is

03:18 – How James found the level of success he is currently at in DFS

04:08 – The challenges of James’s transition from poker to DFS

05:16 – How James dealt with downswings throughout his career

09:01 – The importance of mindset in DFS

11:06 – Erratic gameplay indicates a lack of thoughtfulness and process

14:02 – Don’t make decisions out of prejudice

15:01 – What made James choose a profession in “left field” careers, poker and DFS

19:24 – The work ethic needed to participate in fantasy sports

21:19 – A normal week for James in fantasy sports

22:50 – How James noticed his burnout was coming, and how he stopped it

26:31 – Long term plans on DFS for James

27:58 – How it felt to win the Millionaire Maker

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