Episode 29: Kayvon Kay – How to Become a Closer

Episode 29 Kayvon Kay – How to Become a Closer

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In this episode, Kayvon Kay, sales master and creator of the One Call Closer methodology, reveals the mindset difference between a salesperson and a closer. Elliot and Kayvon discuss the importance of listening, asking the right questions, and being empathetic towards a prospect’s personal pain. He’ll explain the three “C’s” – Certainty, Clarity, and Conviction – and why they are critical for closing success. Listen in to hear an expert share how to change lives by selling what you truly believe in.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 01:00 – Introducing Kayvon, The One Call Closer, and the truth about sales and closing

[02:05] – The difference between a salesperson and a closer

  • 02:35 – The world is full of salespeople who sell features and benefits, but don’t close
  • 03:05 – A closer actually gets to the end transaction; the critical exchange point

[03:20] – Getting from selling to closing

  • 03:30 – Kayvon specializes in high-ticket offers over the phone and creates a funnel where prospects on the phone already want what is offered
  • 04:11 – People tend to be attached to the past or fear; that’s what Kayvon removes to close

[04:30] – Removing a prospect’s fear

  • 04:35 – Kayvon uses a process where he doesn’t focus on the product, he focuses on them
  • 04:55 – A closer speaks 20% of the time and asks the right, pain-digging questions at the right time with finesse; this guides them to the end goal
  • 05:20 – People want change and need it; a closer’s duty is to identify a pain and offer a solution
  • 05:55 – Closers can’t act like salespeople; this pattern-interrupt is critical when wanting a prospect to open about their pain points and needs

[06:50] – Kayvon’s experience

  • 07:05 – He has two decades of experience and started at 15 years old selling shoes
  • 07:50 – He has moved into the online space and is now a speaker and coach of high-ticket sales and calls

[08:20] – The struggle with talking about money and closing

  • 08:30 – Most entrepreneurs struggle with financial conversations; they don’t believe they’re worth that much and don’t invest that much, either
  • 10:00 – You must believe in what your selling with certainty, clarity and conviction; whatever objections you get are the ones you have also internally
  • 11:19 – If you don’t have complete belief in a product, you won’t be able to sell; that energy transfers to your prospect

[12:15] – If you don’t believe in a product or service

  • 12:30 – Diagnose why you don’t have certainty, clarity or conviction in what you’re selling; it could be lack of knowledge, experience, or simply non-alignment
  • 12:40 – If you don’t believe in a product, don’t sell it and find something you like and believe in to sell instead

[16:15] – The first steps to becoming a closer

  • 16:22 – Understand the fundamentals of closing; be in the right mindset, be prepared, be nourished, and be in the moment for every conversation

[17:50] – The question asking process while closing

  • 18:00 – When you ask the right questions at the right time with finesse you control the conversation and result
  • 18:55 – Ask questions for information/discovery, control, and motivation

[20:00] – The three levels of pain: Surface, financial, and personal

  • 20:20 – Personal level pain is where commitment lies; if a prospect feels personal pain because of their problem, they want and need the solution you offer
  • 22:00 – You can go to the personal pain when you’ve been there; that empathy helps you connect with your prospect

[23:00] – On selling something you don’t know

  • 23:30 – Kayvon sold pharmaceutical products that he knew nothing about; he reframed the sale in his mind to sell with certainty, clarity, and conviction
  • 23:40 – He knew he was supporting the community and felt fulfilled

[24:30] – On why business needs sales

  • 24:50 – Sales are the backbone of business; without sales, businesses don’t exist

3 Key Points

  1. Sell what you believe in.
  2. To close you must have certainty, clarity, and conviction.
  3. Listen and ask the right questions at the right time with finesse.


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