Episode 25: AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell – Using Data to Create Leverage in Life and Business

Episode 25 AJ Yager & Meaghan Connell – Using Data to Create Leverage in Life and Business

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In this episode, AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell, owners of the data agency Praxis Metrics, reveal why using data is critical when companies want to acquire, convert, and retain more customers. Elliot, AJ, and Meaghan discuss how data sets you apart from the competition and why data provides relief instead of overwhelm. Listen in to hear a data-nerd power-couple share how anyone – at any level – can begin using data to leverage their efforts in business and in life.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:00] – Introducing AJ and Meaghan’s company, Praxis Metrics

[02:10] – The story behind Praxis Metrics and how they use data in life

[2:30] – AJ likes to use data to make and justify decisions while Meaghan likes to be inside the data; when they started dating they saw that their brains complemented each other

[03:00] – They started working together and data was the common bond; they are passionate about education, knowledge and understanding

[03:40] – AJ seeks wisdom which is the collection and implementation of knowledge and information; he tracked everything health-wise to figure out what made him healthier

[04:45] – Getting caught up in the business and not on it as entrepreneurs

[05:00] – They work with teams that rarely take time to review the insights they have access to; there doesn’t have to be a separation between you and big data

[06:00] – People are overwhelmed by numbers and aren’t taught to understand data-reading; they don’t know what to do with it

[07:15] – Numbers tell a story that doesn’t lie; some people avoid it if it’s not what they want to hear

[08:00] – Using data to set yourself apart from the competition

[08:30] – Companies that didn’t use data from the dot com boom no longer exist; it’s the companies that saw new information and used it that succeeded

[08:45] – Your competitors are using data to get ahead; they’re looking at ads and internal operations that work and that don’t

[09:17] – Don’t hope and guess – use data to know your efforts will work

[10:20] – The starting point for entrepreneurs

[10:33] – It all starts with tracking; focus on marketing and sales and implement standard operating procedures that implement data

[11:50] – The more information you get, the more you have to track; know who you attract so you can target more of those people, for example

[14:10] – Use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and tracking pixels to track your customer’s journey

[15:30] – You don’t need an IT department; you just need to outsource or have someone on your team who is tech savvy

[15:50] – The changes AJ and Meaghan see in businesses who begin tracking data

[16:00] – It speeds up time to value and scalability; all it takes is seeing the 20% that is yielding 80% of results

[17:45] – Just with one number, they have seen a company grow drastically and completely change the way they get customers

[18:30] – Entrepreneurs feel relieved when they see data that answers why things are or aren’t working; the data optimizes and eliminates waste

[19:45] – Data is critical when investing or looking for investors

[20:25] – Investors are impressed by numbers and appreciate businesses that get the data themselves

[21:20] – On using data personally

[21:35] – Health-wise, data is obviously used; AJ and Meaghan use data in their relationship, too

[22:00] – They understand each other’s love language and track how they show love to each other

[22:45] – They used the data as feedback to change and become better at showing love to each other; at 3:33pm Meaghan gives AJ physical touch and words of affirmation

[25:35] – They use apps to track habits; where you spend your time and money is what you prioritize

3 Key Points

  1. Don’t hope and guess – use data to know your efforts will work.
  2. Data optimizes your business and eliminates waste.
  3. See where you spend your time and money and that’ll tell you what you prioritize.



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