Episode 20: Ed Latimore – Fighting the Resistance


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In this episode, Ed Latimore, 13-1 professional boxer, author, speaker, and former alcoholic, reveals what is necessary to create true and lasting change. Elliot and Ed discuss how boxing taught him the grit and resistance he needed in the real world when getting sober, going back to school, and joining the military. Listen in to hear someone who has learned things the hard way share the truth about limitations, making money, and living a fulfilling life.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:00] –Ed’s background and journey

[01:44] – He had an alcohol problem, a dead-end job, and was broke into his late 20s

[02:50] – When he realized he had a greater vision for himself, he went into the army so he could pay to go to school

[05:10] – After being in school and in the military, he quit alcohol and had to re-adjust to the change

[06:30] – He was building himself up as a boxer and kept busy

[07:00] – The most important decisions he made were to go to college and join the military

[07:46] – Getting sober has helped him become a better person for the world; drinking was the one thing holding him back

[10:18] – Shifts are spurred by negative reactions or positive ones; Ed’s were spurred by his confidence

[10:42] – He gave himself 3 goals and told himself he could drink again if he accomplished 2 of them

[11:00] – By the time the goals had been accomplished, he didn’t want to drink again; he’s learned to enjoy life without alcohol

[13:55] – Ask the right questions and use the solutions given to you in mentorship

[14:45] – He works privately with people and takes it personally if they don’t take the advice that would help them

[15:50] – People want confirmation or an easy answer; if they aren’t ready, they won’t make a change

[17:00] – Most of the people he speaks with had a clear moment where they realized they needed to change

[18:40] – How boxing helped his mindset in other areas of life

[19:05] – Boxing helped him build grit and resilience; he didn’t fight his first fight until he was 23 years old so he had to be persistent and dedicated

[20:22] – He used that mindset when he went to school for math and when he wrote his books; he didn’t let criticism stop his momentum

[23:30] – On how his book changed his life

[24:10] – His first book generated life-changing opportunities; it didn’t generate a life-changing amount of money

[26:20] – He’s hoping his next book will generate more income because he has learned more about the selling and marketing side of things

[26:35] – Tips to start living a life you love

[26:40] – Get up an hour earlier and stop wasting time

[27:05] – Money is the result of providing value

[28:30] – If you can do it in person, you can probably do it online; operating online will give you time and location freedom

[29:40] – We accept limitations, but they are just illusions

[30:00] – He wouldn’t have tried to do certain things if he would’ve allowed perceived limitations to stop him

3 Key Points

  • People often want confirmation or an easy answer, but real change is hard.
  • Money is a result of providing value.
  • Limitations are illusions; create your desired reality by ignoring the illusion.



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