Episode 18: Scott deMoulin – Creating Sustainable Success


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In this episode, Scott deMoulin, business consultant, speaking coach, and CEO of Destiny Training Systems International, shares some tips to communicate more effectively and propel your business to the next level. Elliot and Scott discuss why most people fail in business and, surprisingly, it’s not what they do or don’t do: It’s how they think. Listen in to hear a true expert in the realm of personal development reveal what all leaders have in common and why mastering your message is crucial to your success.  

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:00] – Introducing Scott deMoulin, a business consultant and speaking coach who has been in the personal development industry for 38 years

[01:40] – Scott’s entrepreneurial and personal growth journey

[01:53] – He’s accelerated his journey by learning from the experiences of others; he’s worked with the top thought-leaders in the industry

[02:50] – Curiosity, learning, and constant growth

[03:00] – His partnerships with leaders in the industry were the best learning opportunities

[03:30] – Scott’s mission to contribute to small business owners and entrepreneurs

[04:00] – The risks business owners take are scary but can be mitigated

[04:40] – Why most people fail: They think they know enough and refuse to discover new or different ways to operate

[05:20] – The most successful leaders have a need to know more and think differently

[05:55] – Conscious businesses are more successful

[06:07] – How to determine someone’s willingness to learn and why it’s critical

[06:30] – It’s important to stay on pace with technological advancements in business

[07:15] – The difference between “need” and “want” and how urgency changes the game

[08:15] – A business owner must diagnose a client’s needs and wants so they can serve the client effectively

[08:50] – Why mastering communication is important

[09:10] – 90% of your success is directly related to how effectively you communicate; Google’s “Project Oxygen”example

[10:25] – Mastering the message, marketing, and communication to your audience

[11:20] – Getting past the fear and anxiety of public speaking

[13:00] – How preparation leads to success and melts fear

[15:00] – An exercise in Scott’s program to help people get comfortable when speaking to a group and spur engagement

[18:25] – Tips for effective public speaking

[18:48] – Persuade, don’t just present; ask, don’t tell

[19:40] – Educate, don’t sell

[22:30] – Think differently; engage your audience, then ask them a question

[24:39] – Train your audience to participate by asking questions and allowing them to respond

[25:24] – Understand the anatomy and syntax of a speech

[27:24] – Why mastering the art of speaking is beneficial to entrepreneurs

[28:25] – The difference between looking good and being perceived as an expert

[29:20] – Speaking opportunities to benefit your business

[30:00] – Scott’s client success examples

3 Key Points

  • Most people fail because they think they know enough.
  • A successful speaker persuades, educates, and engages their audience.
  • Mastering the art of public speaking and communication will drastically benefit your business.



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