Episode 13: Gerald Rogers – The Impact of Identity


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Today we’re discussing a topic that cannot be ignored if you truly want lasting success in all aspects of life: Identity. In today’s episode, Gerald Rogers, author, speaker and coach, explains why addressing identity is key to creating lasting positive change. Gerald has seen massive transformations and an evolving coaching industry but one thing remains the same: His passion to help others spread their message, find freedom, and live their purpose. Tune in to hear Gerald explain why true transformation only occurs when strategy is paired with the right mindset.

Time Stamped Show Notes…

[01:00] – Introducing Gerald Rogers; author, speaker, and coach with 10+ years of experience

[01:20] – Your identity impacts the results you create; the achievement of real change requires a shift in your fundamental beliefs

[01:50] – Why identity has proven so important in Gerald’s coaching practice

[02:05] – If success lies outside of one’s core existing identity, it’ll never be achieved long-term through surface level action

[02:25] – Perception of self and internal beliefs must be changed to reach new heights

[02:35] – Reference to Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz as a foundational book on the game of transformation

[02:50] – People can be trained on the right things to do, but they can’t implement them if those actions lie outside of their identity

[03:50] – Why it’s easy to predict what happens when someone wins the lottery or loses a lot of money

[04:10] – How Gerald helps people make the identity shift so their actions toward success become natural

[04:40] – The use of hypnosis, NLP, and other modalities and elements to produce breakthroughs and a sense of accountability

[05:00] –Discovering the events that created preexisting beliefs; a client example who believed they weren’t worthy of getting what they wanted

[06:12] – Rewriting the past, internalizing a different story, and using Gestalt therapy to unravel the beliefs that have been created over a lifetime

[07:45] – Gerald’s experience with clients who deny the existence of an identity issue

[07:50] – The results speak for themselves; if the client is experiencing any friction in life, then the existence of a problem is apparent

[08:25] – Some people have deep trauma, but most of us have minor things from our childhood that were interpreted incorrectly thus causing negative belief patterns

[10:00] – Gerald’s take on the coaching industry and how it’s changed over the years

[10:10] – He’s grateful because everyone needs a coach, but also concerned because some coaches are not qualified

[11:10] – How Gerald believes one should select a coach

[11:20] – The reasons why someone would want a coach varies greatly

[11:35] – The best coaches are holistic; they can give both strategy and mindset advice because a strategy won’t be effective without the right mindset

[12:45] – The results that Gerald has seen over the years through his coaching and 3-day transformational events

[13:00] – It’s common for Gerald to hear that things have “taken off” for people after the event; results occur even more quickly with his private coaching clients

[14:27] – Why Gerald chose to do events

[14:51] – He’s always educated himself on personal development, but it wasn’t until he went to events that he began to truly transform and feel “on fire”

[15:30] – Events remind him of who he is and who he wants to be

[16:45] – The value of networking at events

[17:10] – Our identity begins to shift when we are surrounded by positive, uplifting, and inspiring people

[17:54] –Gerald’s mission is to help people spread their message, have more freedom, and live their purpose at a bigger level

[19:00] – Everyone wants this, but not everyone makes the identity shift to make it happen; people tend to cling to what they know

[20:20] – When people see positive change through their work with Gerald, it’s life-changing and exciting

[21:14] – A gift from Gerald: A 30-minute breakthrough strategy session

3 Key Points

  1. Identity is the core of EVERYTHING.
  2. The best coaches are holistic; they teach both mindset and strategy.
  3. Our identity can begin to positively shift when we address preexisting beliefs and surround ourselves with supportive people.



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