Episode 11: Dr. Stephen Barrie – Improving Performance By Optimizing Your Microbiome


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Gut health is one of the hottest topics in the medical industry right now, as research is revealing the critical role it plays in all aspects of health.

Dr. Stephen Barrie is executive with Viome – which is a company that tests and tracks the exact composition of your microbiome.

Chronic illnesses caused by an imbalance in the microbiome are a huge hindrance to performing to your full potential, and Dr. Barrie shares how Viome maps your gut and shows you the foods you need to eat (and avoid) to restore balance.

Elliot and Dr. Barrie also discuss how optimizing your microbiome improves performance for those who wouldn’t immediately identify as having a gut health problem.

In This Episode…

[2:05] Did you know there are 100 trillion microbial cells in and on the human body? That’s 10x the 10 trillion human cells we have. Recent studies show that an imbalance in this microbiome leads to 90% of all human disease including Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, and Type 2 Diabetes.

[5:15] How Viome measures the exact composition of your gut microbiome and determines the precise foods you should and shouldn’t eat to optimize gut health (and why this means there is no such thing as a universally healthy diet).

[7:40] The “Myth Of The Universally Health Food.” If you hate broccoli, you might be one of the 38% who shouldn’t be eating it ever!

[9:40] How to stabilize and control the composition of your gut microbiome so you can gradually increase the variety of foods that are healthy for you to eat.

[12:58] Ever give in to sugar cravings that you know are bad for you? Discover how bad bacteria literally hijack your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to manipulate your behavior for their own benefit.

[16:10] How to gain an extra edge by optimizing your microbiome, even if you think your gut health seems perfectly fine.

[22:02] What to do after you’ve gone through a course of antibiotics to restore a healthy microbiome (skip this step, and it could take up to 3 years to fully recover).


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