Episode 10: Matthew Slipper -Turning The World-Changing Potential Of The Blockchain Into Reality


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Matthew Slipper shares how living by a principle he calls “Unorthodoxy” has allowed him to achieve massive success in the tech industry at a very young age.

Matthew discovered coding at age 11. When other kids were playing Pokemon or video games, he was studying books on Perl 5 at the library.

At 17, while still in high school, Matthew became the sole front-end engineer for Perzo – which was later acquired by Goldman Sachs to become Symphony and attain a billion dollar valuation.

After Symphony, Matthew joined Wealthfront and later co-founded Spectrum Labs, Inc.

Currently, he is one of the founders of Kyokan, a company in the blockchain industry who is at the forefront of turning the world-changing potential of this exciting technology into a reality.

For more information about what Kyokan does, please visit: https://kyokan.io/

In This Episode…

[1:55] How living by the principle of Unorthodoxy has allowed Matthew to achieve massive success in the tech industry at a very young age.

[2:28] Why Perzo trusted Matthew, who was just 17 and still in high school at the time, to be the sole front-end developer for an app that managed the communications for financial institutes with trillions of dollars under management.

[5:15] “You’d be an idiot not to leave college” – What you need to demonstrate to friends and family to earn their support while taking an unconventional path.

[6:30] How Matthew, and his company Kyokan, are working to help blockchain visionaries turn their big ideas into actual products.

[10:33] Why critically identifying your personal philosophy and vision is vital to both long-term success and happiness.

[14:40] Warning: If you don’t embrace this one mindset you absolutely shouldn’t found your own company (and how you can still fulfill your purpose even if founding isn’t the right choice for you).

[16:25] The missing piece you need to identify if you want to obtain mastery of any skill.

[20:40] How setting aside your ego and practicing the principle of “Radical Transparency” can rapidly accelerate your path to success by skipping the failures that would otherwise teach you the same lesson.

[23:35] How to decide if the traditional or conventional path is right for you if you’re looking to break into the tech industry.

[26:55] What the future holds for Kyokan and how you can connect if it sounds like working there could help fulfill your purpose.



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