093 – Jon Nastor – Flashes of Brilliance


Jon Nastor is a digital entrepreneur, podcaster, and bestselling author. Being a content-obsessed marketer, Jon loves driving organic traffic for outstanding companies. Not only is he the creator of “Hack the Entrepreneur”, he also owns several digital commerce sites.

We’ll discuss his ADHD diagnosis when he was 39 years old, how it impacted his business career, what he’d advice to other digital entrepreneurs, and his own podcast.



Time Stamped Show Notes


[00:04] Jon, thank you for joining me on the show!

  • 00:24 Jon walks us through the journey of his business career, dealing with ADHD, and how he became successful.
  • 00:53 Jon did not know he has ADHD until he was diagnosed at 39 years old.
  • 02:45 Elliot has had a lot of clients over the last few years who have ADHD, but started a company. Jon walks us through his experience starting and growing companies.
  • 05:08  Jon explains where his ADHD has paid off. He also explains how he defines the term “flash of brilliance” and his ability of coming up with an idea, not overthinking it, and executing on it.

[07:35] How did Jon get into the “online world”?

  • 12:33 What impact did Jon’s podcast have on his life, business, network, and success?
  • 16:29 What are the negative sides of having ADHD when starting or running a business? 

[20:11] Jon explains his SEO company and how he helps other businesses.

  • 23:02 Big exits, financial windfalls, and still depressed. Jon talks about his experience with billionaires and others who sold their companies for a lot of money and how it affected their happiness.
  • 25:12 Jon points us to his podcast, how people can reach out to him, and other resources.


Key Learning Points…

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people’s successes and how they do stuff.
  2. Your ability to think quickly are those brilliances that most of the world don’t have.
  3. If you are making small decisions quickly enough, it doesn’t matter if 90% are wrong, because you are still moving forward.



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