090 – Dr. Adam Dorsay – A Better Tomorrow


Dr. Adam Dorsay, licensed psychologist and certified executive coach, specializes in assisting high-achievers deal with issues in their relationships, stress, anxiety, and becoming more happy and fulfilled. 


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:05] Adam, thank you for being on the show today!

    • 00:40 What’s Adam’s background and how did he get into this? Adam talks about positive psychology and how to go far north of neutral when it comes to being happy.
    • 04:15 After Adam talks about his experience with torture survivors, Elliot asks him to elaborate on methods to protect himself as he is helping people through their stories.
    • 07:39 The companies Adam supports with his resiliency program and what benefits it has when companies actually put a value on their employees mental health.

    [10:56] What themes does Adam see in high performance individuals that approach him for therapy and how does he work with them?

    • 16:38 Are there any common types of issues that hold high performance individuals back?
    • 22:30 How does Adam make people comfortable working on their emotions and start working on this part of their lives?

    [27:03] Adam’s plans moving forward besides the podcast, his resiliency program and therapy.

Key Learning Points…

  1. What doesn’t kill you can also make you weaker if you can’t cope with it.
  2. You have to name it to tame it. You have to feel it to heal it.
  3. Overblown strength can become a weakness.



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