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Angelo Keely is Co-founder and CEO of Kion, a company that offers premium, clean, research-backed supplements and foods that support a long and active life.

He was born in Austin, Texas and was raised on a foundation of organic, mostly vegetarian, whole foods plus an array of supplements.

After a series of traumatic events during his adolescence, Angelo dove headfirst into nutrition research, meditation, yoga, breathwork, cold/heat therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and religious studies.

With the dream of building the healthiest and most inspiring work culture at the heart of a fast-growth, consumer products company, Angelo co-founded Kion in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado.


Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:38] Welcome to the show…

  • 01:08 Angelo explains why and how he got started in the supplement industry after Elliot told him that he has been using his products for years now.
  • 05:22 After Angelo explains his traumatic adolescence years during which he almost got stabbed to death, he explains how this shaped his life and perspective in the years thereafter. 
  • 08:15 How did the aminos become the major product for Angelo? What was the motivation behind these products?

[10:22] Why is it important to add aminos to your diet if you are working out? Is there an additional need to do so even if you are already taking whey protein? Angelo walks us through this question.

  • 11:45 The proteins of our body are made up of amino acids and they are the fundamental building blocks of proteins. Different parts of the body need different types of protein. 
  • 14:21 There are certain types of proteins that are better than others. Angelo explains the different types of proteins and how they relate to our bodies.
  • 15:34 What are the differences between plant and animal protein when it comes to efficiency? 

[21:35] When it comes to high performance and the impact supplements have, how can aminos help us with energy, focus, and longevity? 

  • 21:59 Angelo explains how muscle mass relates to longevity as well as how it relates to energy and mitochondrial health. 
  • 23:05 As you get older, muscle maintains your core metabolic health which is quite important for longevity. Angelo breaks down how to use protein and aminos to your benefit.
  • 31:40 What are the next steps for Angelo and his business? More products or digging down more into the existing products?

Key Learning Points…

  1. Muscle mass is the most important physical asset when it comes to enhancing your health when you get older.
  2. If you are more performance-oriented then aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.
  3. When you are deficient in certain amino acids you can have all kinds of mood dysregulation.



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