085 – Deanna Rose – Burnout and Optimize Your Energy

Episode 85 - Deanna Rose

This week’s guest is Dr. Deanna Rose, the founder of Wellth by Deanna Rose Inc. and Peak Performance Coach, who helps entrepreneurs and high-achievers to overcome burnout and achieve more in business and life.

In this episode, we will discuss how to maintain a high-performance lifestyle and strategies to prevent burnout in order to optimize energy for achieving more in business and life.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:05] Welcome to the show…

    • 00:24 Deanna started being interested in mental health at a pretty young age.
    • 03:04 After she graduated, she combined her mental health background with her naturopathic medicine knowledge, strength and conditioning coaching and nutrition into what she delivers as a package to her clients.
    • 04:00 Deanna suffered from anxiety and depression herself, and she thinks that nothing is one-dimensional but that causes are multidimensional, and we have to treat it that way.
    • 05:13 People are much happier when they go through the process of owning their power and really feeling happy because they feel like they have found themselves. They are no longer afraid of their own thoughts.
    • 06:37 There is so much stuff on the internet that nobody knows what is right and what is wrong. A professional is oftentimes needed in order to find out what’s good for them and what’s not.

    [08:30] Burnout is such a hot topic around entrepreneurs nowadays. She also talks about her personal story on burnout, like when she felt the need to fill her time in order to feel worthy.

    • 10:00 As humans, we oftentimes do not feel worthy or complete inside, and we think that by doing more, making more money etc. it will make us feel more worthy.
    • 11:30 If one has a solid foundation of great nutrition, there is a much higher capacity for us to carry and manage stress. 
    • 14:15 Burnout is the chase of worthiness in our modern society.

    [14:30] Having habits and structures helps one to go into a flow state.

    • 20:25 You get into a state of flow by focusing on the moment and not on the outcome of your actions.
    • 22:00 The most basic supplements that humans needs are vitamin C and vitamin D.
    • 24:30 In terms of exercise, Dr Deanna Rose emphasizes on covering different areas of exercise.

    [28:50] Wrapping up the episode with Dr Deanna Rose.

Key Learning Points…

  1. “Allow things to come through you instead of trying to make things happen.”
  2. “A solid foundation in nutrition is important in order to carry and manage stress.”
  3. “Habits as well as structures help us to get into a flow state.”



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