079 – Robbie Bent – Looking Inward To Solve Loneliness


Robbie Bent is the CEO and Co-Founder of Inward, a company looking to solve the world’s loneliness problem by creating digital and physical communities around mindfulness and breathwork.

Robbie’s background isn’t something you’d typically associate with a breathwork practitioner. He got his start in finance, started and rapidly grew a tech startup, and eventually moved into the crypto space, becoming an early employee of the Ethereum Foundation.  

In this week’s episode, Robbie joins Elliot to discuss his shift from a success-at-any-costs mindset to hosting breathwork classes in his garage-turned-bathhouse and how this led him to founding one of the most innovative companies in the breathwork space.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:44] Welcome To The Show…

  • 3:14 Robbie’s early belief that money = accomplish sparked a drive to succeed in business school and investment banking. 
  • 4:41 Robbie’s shift from the financial world to tech startup founder. 
  • 7:48 After his start-up failed, Robbie moves to Israel for a fresh start and discovers meditation and psychedelic medicines. 
  • 11:29 Robbie gets involved in the Ethereum ecosystem and moves to San Francisco. 

[12:55]  Robbie’s transition from working on Ethereum to founding Inward Breathwork

  • 14:08 Why meditation practices are so difficult to implement long-term. 
  • 16:12 Robbie builds a makeshift bathhouse in his garage and starts hosting breathwork events.   
  • 18:58 During the pandemic Robbie was forced to move his breathwork classes online. 
  • 20:01 Inward Breathwork starts to see great results and Robbie quits he position at Ethereum to run it full time. 

[20:58] Using the combination of internal and external drivers to fuel success

  • 23:57 Creating a space where people can gather socially that’s not built around alcohol. 
  • 26:36 Elliot’s little-known hack for meeting interesting people and building a network. 

[30:26] Wrap-Up—Thanks For Checking Out This Episode Of The Primed Mind Podcast!

Key Learning Points

  • Understanding what drives you is a cheat code for success:  Each of us has a set of unique drivers that compel and motivate us to take action. These can be as simple as the joy of solving a puzzle, to grand visions of eliminating human suffering. Some of these drivers are moving towards something, others are moving away from something. The key is to understand your unique drivers and use them to fuel you in the direction you want to go. 
  • What filter are you using to review your life?: There is a limitless number of ways you can view the actions and events of your life. A failure can either be a devastating tragedy, or an opportunity for growth. When you review your life, you have the option of using the mental filter that benefits you the most. This way of looking at the world is often what separates the best from the rest. 
  • If you go after things for reasons of integrity, your chances of success are much higher: Robbie got involved with Ethereum because he saw people he respected become passionate about the project and had a curiosity about why. When you chase success for success’ sake, you’ll either fall short or find the result hollow when you finally achieve your goal. When you approach a goal that is in line with your vision, you’ll have a reserve of energy that pushes you through the hard times as you’ll be fulfilled by the journey and not just seeking a destination.






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