073 – Shawn Wells – The Energy Formula

Episode 73 - 073 - Shawn Wells

The Primed Mind Podcast, including any references, guest statements, links, or other knowledge resources, is for informational purposes only. This podcast does not provide any medical or professional advice. Please speak to your doctor before starting any new fitness or diet routine or before consuming any supplements. 

Shawn Wells, known as the Ingredientologist, has formulated over 500 supplements and held titles such as Director of Research and Development for Dymatize Nutrition and Chief Scientific Officer for BioTrust Nutrition. 

In this episode, Shawn shares his journey of overcoming major health obstacles, developing a strong sense of self-worth, and learning the importance of self-care for long-term performance. He discusses his supplementation philosophy and shares the most promising supplements and ingredients he’s currently working on.  

Shawn has recently released the book The Energy Formula, where he shares his six pillars for gaining focus, being more productive, and living longer.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:32] Welcome To The Show…

  • 01:55 Shawn embraces a healthy lifestyle for the first time ever. 
  • 02:54 The surprising (non-medical) advice Shawn got from his doctor that changed everything. 
  • 04:12 Shawn runs himself into the ground while working on his Nutritional Biochemistry Masters degree. 
  • 5:05 How the Ketogenic diet helped Shawn turn his health and mindset around.

[07:43]  Shawn’s brain tumor spurs on even more changes in his life, with a focus on longevity and mindset. 

  • 08:11 Shawn begins a deep dive on improving his mindset and beliefs of self-worth. 
  • 08:46 Going from biohacking to survive to biohacking to thrive. 
  • 10:15 The Vicious Cycle of More, More, More.
  • 11:43 How to reframe Imposter Syndrome.
  • 11:48 There is no such thing as Happily Ever After. 

[16:08] Shawn shares his expertise on supplements for high-performance. 

  • 16:45 Understanding the difference between enhancement and optimization. 
  • 18:03 Nootropic supplements for enhanced cognitive performance. 
  • 19:31 Understanding the full potential of CBD. 
  • 23:21 Supplements to enhance the effects of exercise. 
  • 25:09 Supplements for longevity. 

[28:53] Shawn’s book “The Energy Formula.” 

 [34:47] Wrap-Up—Thanks For Checking Out This Episode Of The Primed Mind Podcast!

3 Key Points

  1. Self-Care IS High-Performance: Sometimes, you need to take the car in for maintenance rather than trying to fix it while going 80mph down the highway. High-performers often fall into the trap of feeling they must always be producing. The truth is, recovery is essential to maintaining peak performance levels, and those who push themselves on empty end up burned out.
  2. Hitting External Goals Doesn’t Solve Internal Issues: People often believe that accomplishing their biggest goal is the key to solving all their problems. This leads them to make huge sacrifices to their health, relationships, and mindset based on the belief that the ends justify the means. In order to unlock truly elite levels of performance, it’s essential that you do the hard work on yourself upfront, so you can enjoy the journey while you continue to progressively achieve bigger and bigger goals.
  3. Understand The Goals Behind Supplement Use: Supplements can be a powerful tool to boost your performance, but it’s essential to understand the reason you are using them. Is the supplement a short-term enhancement, and if so, what is the cost? Is the supplement an optimizer that improves multiple aspects of my life? Am I trying to use supplements as a “free lunch” to pick up for essential performance areas I’m neglecting? When it comes to supplements, do your homework and try to focus on proven ingredients that provide long-term benefits with little to no downsides.



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