068 – Charlene Taylor – The Bodybuilder Entrepreneur

Episode 68 - Charlene Taylor

After becoming a mom, two-time NPC Bodybuilding Champion Charlene started a business and spent less time at the gym—too busy for love or friendship.

But when the stay-at-home order forced her to reconsider, she realized she had been depriving herself of human connection.

Seeing opportunity in the global crisis, Charlene created Social Gym Club, an innovative platform for fitness-focused people to interact and build connection.

Check out this episode for Charlene’s story, plus tips and advice for getting started on the entrepreneur journey.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with guest Charlene Taylor

[00:01:45] Becoming two-time NPC champion bodybuilder, living at the gym…

[00:04:05] Creating Social Gym Club to connect fitness enthusiasts

  • [00:05:49] Seeing a business opportunity and seizing it during a global pandemic…
  • [00:08:49] How does Social Gym Club work? What does the platform offer?

[00:12:27] Charlene’s tips for listeners starting on the entrepreneur path…

  • [00:14:18] How Charlene continues to apply skills from athletic training to business…
  • [00:16:18] Understanding your strengths, fortifying your weak points…

[00:18:50] Charlene’s vision to rollout Social Gym Club worldwide…

  • [00:21:17] Cultivating community when in-person meet-ups are limited…
  • [00:25:15] You’re one decision away from living the life you desire…

[00:29:15] Where can you learn more about Charlene and Social Gym Club?

[00:30:53] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode of the Primed Mind Podcast!

3 Key Points

  1. No matter what journey you set off on, whether it’s fitness, a new relationship or starting your first business, get clear on your why. Without a solid sense of direction, you’ll miss opportunities when they appear and struggle to maintain your trajectory. Set your intent and understand your motivations to bring clarity for your path ahead.
  2. We all love playing to our strengths, but we get the best performance results when we fortify our weaknesses. It can be beneficial to hire a professional coach to help you see your blind spots and encourage you through these challenges along the way.
  3. In times of crisis, you can find great opportunity. When your life or your environment changes, needs in the market evolve as well. Charlene recognized a demand for a service she could create, then she took the steps necessary to bring her idea to life.



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