064 – Ben Kovalis – Innovating Art with Artificial Intelligence


What’s it like to create something most people think is impossible? 

Inspired by the $430,000 auction of the first AI artwork ever created, Ben Kovalis and his friend set out to turn this science fiction into reality—and make it affordable for everyone.

Their company, Art AI Gallery, features one-of-a-kind artworks generated entirely by computer algorithms. Even more incredible, it teaches itself to create more and more mesmerizing pieces over time!

What started as a clever idea has grown past anyone’s wildest expectations, captivating artists and art lovers around the world. Catch the incredible story (and learn how it works) inside this episode.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with guest Ben Kovalis

  • [00:01:36] Inspired by AI-created art, Ben and his friend realized they could start a business…

[00:05:39] How does the algorithm produce better and better one-of-a-kind artworks?

  • [00:14:00] What is the potential impacts of AI on the art world and future tech?
  • [00:17:55] AI and machine learning help artists discover new types of art…

[00:21:27] Ben shares how they brought their unique product to the market…

[00:25:25] What’s on the horizon for Art AI Gallery?

  • [00:30:18] Where can you find out more about Ben and Art AI Gallery?

[00:31:50] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode of the Primed Mind Podcast!

3 Key Points

  1. Vision is more than daydreaming about the future. It’s about exploring possibilities, experimenting, and continuously taking steps to your goal. Ben maximized his potential and minimized his risk by getting clarity on his vision and taking realistic action.
  2. No big accomplishment can happen on your own. Ben surrounded himself with bright minds and took measured action to innovate an entire new sector in the art marketplace! Who in your network might have the skills to get you to the next stage?
  3. Once you’ve got that clarity on what you want to achieve, believe in it, stick with it, and make adjustments as you learn along the way. Ben and his team literally built a machine to learn what does and doesn’t work… And they’re producing better artworks every day!


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