062 – Devin Alvarez – From Adversity to Opportunity


Devin Alvarez’s road to success wasn’t a straight shot. Disillusioned with military duty and deep into alcohol, he struggled to find meaning in life…

In this episode, Devin Alvarez, CEO of Straight Hemp, shares how he transformed PTSD and anxiety into his greatest mission: helping others with plant-based products. Listen to Devin’s story and get inspired.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with guest Devin Alvarez

  • [00:01:39] Devin overcomes childhood trauma and starts living his mission
  • [00:08:13] From avoiding the pain of his PTSD to self-compassion and acceptance
  • [00:12:55] Devin discovers meditation and dives into a ten-day silent retreat…

[00:14:34] Mission to heal: Devin uses cutting-edge technology to create plant medicine

  • [00:20:53] Hemp-based products and their impact on emotional health…
  • [00:26:42] How CBD-based plant medicine can ease effects of PTSD, trauma, and anxiety
  • [00:30:42] Devin’s advice for anyone struggling with past trauma…

[00:32:53] Where can you find out more about Devin and Straight Hemp?

[00:34:11] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode with Devin Alvarez!

3 Key Points

  1. The trauma you’ve faced doesn’t dictate your future. It’s scary to take the first steps, but overcoming the issues holding you back is the greatest freedom you can give yourself!
  2. If you’re starting to take those first steps, remember to breathe! Your breath is the free tool you carry that you can access at any moment, anywhere.
  3. And if you’re already on the journey of working through PTSD or anxiety, hemp-based products might be another tool to help you bring balance.


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