061 – Ben Knegendorf – The Determined Dreamer


Meet Ben Knegendorf, the unlikely businessman.

As a full-time forklift operator in a Walmart distribution center, he dared to dream of a different life.

A life free from the timeclock. A life where he could choose how to invest his energy and money. A life without limits and on his own terms.

When he sold his side hustle for a year’s salary at the warehouse, he realized he could kiss the old job goodbye.

Listen to this episode to learn how Ben unlocked his freedom from the nine-to-five through curiosity, gumption, and determination.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with guest Ben Knegendorf

  • [00:01:53] Ben daydreams of leaving the clock-in-clock-out life behind…

[00:04:30] Getting his start in dropshipping and e-commerce

  • [00:05:43] What’s the difference between dropshipping and affiliate marketing?
  • [00:06:27] Pushing through the first year in business…
  • [00:07:50] There are endless opportunities in e-commerce!

[00:09:11] Ben exits his first business for $40,000—his yearly salary at the warehouse

  • [00:10:59] Sharing his story and helping others get started…

[00:12:50] Taking the first steps in business…

  • [00:15:07] Creating something from nothing and gaining momentum…
  • [00:18:04] Enjoying the journey of limitless progress…
  • [00:18:58] Build value for yourself to leave the nine-to-five lifestyle
  • [00:20:58] How can you get started in dropshipping and e-commerce?

[00:24:11] What’s on the horizon for Ben?

  • [00:25:43] Stepping out to work ON the business, rather than IN it…
  • [00:29:35] The BK Show podcast showcases successful entrepreneurs

[00:32:09] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode with Ben Knegendorf!

3 Key Points

  1. If you want to get started in business, decide to take the first steps—no matter what! You don’t have to know your end goal to start walking in the right direction TODAY. Find podcasts. Join some groups. Spend your time learning and taking small actions.
  2. In the first year of any project, your biggest challenge is pushing through the resistance within you. Are you determined to learn? Will you get back up after a failure? It’s hard to create something from nothing, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction of figuring it out!
  3. Drop the idea of perfection completely. You probably won’t get it right the first try. Or the second. And maybe not even the tenth. Focus instead on growing, learning, and building value for yourself.


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