060 – James Nestor – The Power of Breath


From calming your mind to healing your body to making you live longer…

Can the breath really do all that? Science says the benefits are real!

Bestselling author James Nestor traveled all over the world, collecting stories and working with researchers, to create his book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.

In this episode, he shares the transformative journey this writing project took him on, the incredible successes he encountered, and how you can start using your breath to supercharge your mind and body. Click play to learn more!

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with James Nestor

  • [00:01:58] The story behind the book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

[00:05:52] The power of the breath—using science to prove conventional thought wrong

  • [00:09:06] Breathwork is the free mind and body booster you can start using today
  • [00:11:53] The old Frenchman who overcame bad lungs to bike tour the Himalayas…
  • [00:14:02] Deep or shallow breathing exercises—what benefits the most?

[00:16:05] Breathing to your metabolic needs

  • [00:17:36] Do you snore? Here’s a weird trick that might help you…
  • [00:19:24] Use it or lose it—your respiratory tract is no exception!
  • [00:24:57] Extreme breathing techniques and their surprising benefits…
  • [00:28:21] A simple and relaxing breath technique to get you started…

[00:30:24] Where can you find out more about James and his book?

[00:31:51] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode of the Primed Mind Podcast!

3 Key Points

  1. You don’t need expensive biohacks or products to reap the benefits of breathwork. To get started, simply bring awareness to your breath.
  2. When it comes to breathing, if you don’t use it you lose it. Inhaling and exhaling through your nose keeps your respiratory system strong!
  3. Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a simple technique to calm your nerves—inhale for a count of four, exhale six. Manage your breath first, and then see what thoughts are left.


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