054 – Lars Callieou – High-Performance Insights From Stand-Up Comedians

054 – Lars Callieou – High-Performance Insights From Stand-Up Comedians

Alone on a stage with a mic in hand, all eyes on you—how do you perform?

Lars Callieou, a 17-year veteran stand-up comedian who has been featured on stages in 25 different countries, has a lot of insights to share about being a high-performer. 

In this episode, he reveals how he handles the pressure to perform, dealing with hecklers, and learning the most valuable insights from his worst performances.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with stand-up comedian Lars Callieou

  • [00:01:26] With traveling musicians for parents, Lars on stage at a young age…
  • [00:02:55] The naked vulnerability of the first time behind the comedy mic

[00:05:35] The thrill of landing a winning joke

  • [00:07:29] Lars gives a bit of wisdom about dealing with hecklers
  • [00:10:46] When a show goes wrong, Lars learns from his mistakes
  • [00:14:20] The pressure and prestige of comedy competitions
  • [00:18:06] In the comedy world, it’s originality that shines

[00:22:27] Lars adapts his COVID comedy stage to backyards in the Firepit Comedy Tour

  • [00:24:44] Lars shares his idea with comedians all over the world for free
  • [00:27:19] Receptive crowds hungry for live performance—Lars is grateful for his success!

[00:31:18] Where can you follow Lars Callieou and Firepit Comedy Tour online?

[00:32:16] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode of the Primed Mind Podcast!

3 Key Points

  1. You can learn the most from your worst nights on stage. Not just in performance but in any interaction in your life, when something goes wrong, you can find a lesson hidden in the mistakes you’ve made.
  2. Even when faced with hecklers, the best comedians in the world maintain command of the crowd. No matter the endeavor, you’re going to face some negativity at some point. Learn to handle it calmly, and you’ll find a performance booster instead of embarrassment.
  3. Originality is what stands out in the comedy world—and the same goes for any industry. What do you offer that sets you apart? What is it that gives you an edge?


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