049 – Tim Kelley – Discovering Your True Purpose

049 – Tim Kelley – Discovering Your True Purpose

After finding himself feeling empty after climbing the ranks at Oracle, Tim realized there’s more to life than profits.

My guest today is Tim Kelley, author of True Purpose. He consults and speaks all around the world to executives and business leaders about creating meaning and a mission. He helps profit-based companies to transform into profitable purpose-based ones.

And what’s the result?

Usually, it means more employee engagement, more aligned employee retention, and more profits.

Does your business have a purpose? Listen to this episode to learn more.

Get your copy of Tim Kelley’s book True Purpose.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this week’s episode of the Mindset Advantage Podcast

  • [00:01:47] MIT to the top ranks at Oracle to… What next?

[00:06:45] Tim suddenly realizes his purpose…

  • [00:08:13] A mission to transform businesses…
  • [00:09:09] Convincing industry leaders to get on boards with conscious capitalism

[00:11:22] Finding and creating purpose for a company

  • [00:14:52] What happens when your business operates on purpose?
  • [00:19:56] Implementing purpose and weeding out employees

[00:20:55] What should you do if you’re floating around without meaning?

  • [00:24:26] Some advice for the ‘change agents’ of the world…
  • [00:25:59] When you know your purpose, is success guaranteed?

[00:29:20] Tim talks about his book True Purpose

  • [00:31:43] Where can you find out more about Tim?

[00:33:03] Wrap-up

3 Key Points

  1. When you’ve achieved your big goals, an empty feeling can follow. How do you find meaning and motivation again? Uncover your true purpose.
  2. Getting all your employees on board with a mission can take some time to fully implement in your company. Tim suggests encouraging your employees to get involved with the purpose finding process to get the fastest (and best) results.
  3. Even though you may discover what your true purpose is, success isn’t guaranteed, but doors may open in a seemingly serendipitous way once you show up and take the action.



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