047 – Nathan Hirsch – Creating Time for High-Performance

047 – Nathan Hirsch – Creating Time for High-Performance

To maintain high performance while growing your business to the next level, you’ve got to outsource some of the work. That way, you can focus your time on doing what you do best.

Our guest for this episode is Nathan Hirsch – he knows all about effective delegation. In fact, he created his company Outsource School to share everything he knows about it. But before that, Nathan founded, grew, and eventually sold FreeUp, a virtual assistant platform. His career began in the early days of Amazon, selling college textbooks. After some time, he found he couldn’t do it all himself – and he made more than a few hiring mistakes… Can you relate?

Time management is vitally important for the high-performing person. Listen to the episode to learn about creating systems for workload delegation and outsourcing, costly hiring mistakes to avoid, and how to keep drama from overtaking your workforce.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:44] Welcome to today’s episode with Nathan Hirsch…

  • [01:36] Nathan’s first Amazon company sells textbooks…

[02:45] Trial and error – selling baby products on Amazon to freelance marketplace?

  • [03:32] Scaling and selling FreeUp and launching a new company, Outsource School…
  • [04:30] Most important part of hiring a virtual assistant? The onboarding process…
  • [07:49] Why is clearly defined culture at your company so crucial to successful hiring?
  • [10:07] Drama between staff members – how do you deal?

[11:07] Nathan sells a business and gets a clean slate…

  • [14:01] The birth of Outsource School, a resource for learning how to delegate work…
  • [14:59] Nathan is living his dream lifestyle (except for travel plans, of course)…

[16:20] Best way to grow your business fast? Standard operating procedures!

  • [18:49] With more people working from home, how will the VA space be affected?
  • [20:18] Nathan’s company is run 100% remotely…

[21:30] Outsource School can help your business processes – here’s how…

  • [23:12] When should you hire your first virtual assistant?
  • [24:46] How much does it cost to hire a VA? Cheaper than you think!

[26:10] Nathan’s next steps – launching SOP-building software and more…

  • [26:55] Where can you find out more about Nathan and Outsource School?
  • [27:39] Wrapping it all up…

3 Key Points

  1. Effective delegation and time management are crucial to the success of any high-performing entrepreneur. Nathan started with an Amazon business and, through trial and error, figured out how to make it work for him. Now he shares what he knows through Outsource School.
  2. Want to avoid future heartache with hires? Communicate your company culture clearly and create standard operating procedures. Nathan emphasizes that defining your culture and procedures is crucial to growing a business.
  3. How much does it cost to start outsourcing? The investment of hiring a virtual assistant is a lot less than you might think! Nathan suggests a few inexpensive ways to start marking things off your to-do list faster and more effectively.



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