039 – Jamie Seamans – Using Life’s Challenges as Advantages

039 – Jamie Seamans – Using Life’s Challenges as Advantages

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In this episode, Jamie Seamans, a life-long entrepreneur and cofounder of Garage Kings, shares how to scale a business you love. Jamie opens up about his biggest challenges and how he kept hustling – even when his wife was uncertain about his vision. Jamie and Elliot discuss learning, growth and mentorship, and Jamie explains the stages of business he believes are best for each. Listen in to hear the three things Jamie thinks about daily, why it’s dangerous to connect your purpose with your job, and the number one thing every entrepreneur must know about their business.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[02:00] – Introducing Jamie, the owner of Garage Kings

  • 01:45 – They’ve grown their business 8x in the past few years
  • 02:20 – At 29 he went back to school because his wife had twins; he thought his entrepreneurial journey was over
  • 02:50 – He went into business with his partner doing countertops; the product was amazing but he realized it was difficult to scale
  • 03:20 – He realized not enough people do what they love; it’s the first time in history where you can do anything you want and be successful at it
  • 03:50 – They tried to figure out how to scale; he wanted to be able to each job in one day
  • 04:10 – They turned to finishing garage floors and were able to get the work down to just one day; in 2017 they gave up installations and helped others get into the business

[05:30] – Going from doing the work to franchising

  • 05:40 – Anyone can be successful on their own, but if you can take that knowledge and make someone else the best, that’s another level
  • 06:06 – There was a lot of learning for him at that time; he worked to make the franchisees successful
  • 06:50 – He wanted to disprove that others couldn’t succeed as well; he felt a responsibility to help them succeed, understanding it was a big step for them

[07:50] – On his wife getting onboard with Garage Kings

  • 08:30 – It took her about 5 years to get onboard; at first she saw he was working more to get paid less
  • 08:42 – He had to stay focused and continue the momentum; soon there was that moment where the built up energy exploded

[09:30] – The stages of business

  • 09:35 – First, it’s all about sales, then it’s about systems and processes; at every stage you and your company grow

[09:50] – How Jamie stayed motivated

  • 09:55 – He learned that his purpose isn’t defined by his job; his purpose is to mentor people and help them reach success faster
  • 10:41 – In a challenging moment, they didn’t let time or money limit them; they approached the home show people to explain the situation and sold $100,000
  • 12:00 – The pressure and motivation got them over one of the first big hurtles of their journey
  • 12:50 – At the end of the day we just have one problem; when we figure out that problem we figure out the question to ask to solve that problem

[13:20] – The three things Jamie thinks about daily

  • 13:24 – Self-awareness: The better he knows himself, the better he can communicate and teach
  • 13:30 – Awareness of his business: Businesses aren’t stagnant and need to be examined regularly
  • 13:50 – Awareness of others: Know others better than they know themselves to be able to serve them better and help them grow

[14:45] – On loving what you do

  • 15:00 – It’s important to enjoy what you do; know what energizes you
  • 15:15 – Everyone’s a founder, everyone’s an owner

[15:45] – Jamie’s mindset and growth inspirations

  • 15:50 – Todd Herman said, “Business grows at the speed of relationships.”
  • 15:55 – He believes wealth is in relationships, not in your bank account
  • 16:20 – Engrain what you learn from others and make it a part of you; keep learning all the time
  • 17:20 – Keep it simple and engrain things one at a time; review it and keep conscious competence of how you got there so you can help others
  • 19:00 – He has a short memory but sees that as his strength in many ways

[19:55] – Tips for entrepreneurs

  • 20:00 – Recognize what stage of the business lifecycle you’re in and understand that the problems in each stage are the same
  • 20:40 – In the beginning, you should be hustling and doing – not learning; later you should surround yourself with people that are better than you to learn
  • 21:06 – Learn and get guidance from people that are specific to you and in your niche
  • 21:50 – Under a million, let go of the things you don’t like doing – over a million, let go of things that you do like
  • 22:45 – Life is stages of letting go

[24:05] – A story of his grade school teacher

  • 24:10 – He told her he hoped to be as smart as her one day, she responded that she hoped one day he’d be smarter than her

3 Key Points

  1. Get the momentum going from the beginning!
  2. Get clear on your purpose and don’t just link your purpose to your job.
  3. Life is stages of letting go.


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