035 – Nir Eyal – Becoming Indistractable

035 – Nir Eyal – Becoming Indistractable

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[1:40] How Nir became interested in the subject of how technology affects our behavior.

  • 1:50 – He struggled with weight issues as a child, and his interest in this area started with understanding how food controlled him, and learning how he could take back control.
  • 2:45 Wrote “Hooked” with the goal of democratizing the techniques the big gaming and social media companies use to control our behavior.

[4:45] The REAL cause of distraction and lack of focus

  • 5:05 – Distraction is not a new problem, social media and technology are not the root cause.

[5:58] Why don’t we do the things we know we should do?

  • 6:33 – Nir’s definition of distraction.
  • 7:55 – The hidden distractions that disguise themselves as productive actions.
  • 9:25 – How technology amplifies our tendencies to become distracted.

[11:23] The story of a professor whose pedometer ended up consuming their life.

  • 12:10 – How internal triggers are actually the biggest source of distractions
  • 13:30 – How a professor ended up walking up and down the stairs for two hours straight in the middle of the night, instead of going to sleep.
  • 14:18 – How even seemingly healthy actions can go too far and become distractions.

[16:30 ] The real source of workplace distraction

  • 17:05 – A poor workplace culture can lead to distraction and even depression.
  • 17:55 – What you can do if you are in a workplace with a poor culture.
  • 20:35 – The three things that all health work environments have in common

[24:15] Nir’s next steps after becoming Indistractable

  • 24:40 – Being Indistractable doesn’t mean you never become distracted, it means you understand it and can learn from it.
  • 25:25 – This is the next big super power in the world, and Nir plans to spread the message far and wide.

3 Key Points

  1. Distraction is anything that takes you away from what you intended to do. Traction is anything the moves you closer to what you intended to do.
  2. The first step to mastering distractions is learning to manage internal triggers.
  3. Work hard and go home.


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