031 – Sarah Prout – Cultivating an Abundance Mindset

031 – Sarah Prout – Cultivating an Abundance Mindset

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In this episode, I speak with Sarah Prout, a writer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author of Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations. Elliot and Sarah discuss her trauma-healing journey and how vulnerability and joy unlocked her freedom and power. Listen in to hear some tips on how to cultivate an abundance mindset and move through difficult emotions – and learn to redefine yourself with an evolved awareness around any phrase beginning with “I am”.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:00] – Introducing Sarah and her journey

  • 02:00 – She walked away from 10 years of domestic violence 10 years ago; she needed to figure out how to survive
  • 02:25 – She started working with the universe and working in the law of attraction; she now runs a 7-figure business, married her soulmate, and has two more children
  • 03:30 – It all started with learning how to use her mind correctly and recognizing the mind’s potential

[04:10] – On domestic violence

  • 04:35 – The statistics are alarming; meditation and presence helped her along the way
  • 05:15 – That life is going to stay the same is a limiting belief and self-sabotaging; we can’t make that assumption

[05:48] – Her trauma-healing journey

  • 05:50 – She reprogrammed her mind to look for positive things; connecting to a higher power helped
  • 06:20 – She realized that joy, laughter, and humor is meditative; instead of blame, she focused on taking responsibility for how she feels
  • 07:50 She realized that happiness was her choice; that’s why she left

[08:14] – She believes joy is the currency of consciousness

  • 08:25 – The more we seek things we love to do, the more our lives have purpose; it’s important to be of service and creative
  • 09:30 – We shouldn’t seek outside validation; whether it be through social media or approval from another

[09:50] – On putting out her story

  • 10:05 – Vulnerability has been the key to her freedom and she learns and teaches how to operate within uncertainty

[10:55] – On how her business started

  • 11:05 – It started out as social media advice and evolved into spirituality, self-help, and personal development
  • 11:15 – She believes that we teach what we need to learn
  • 11:50 – The business and being visible gives her a sense of accountability; she’s been speaking on stages and using what she’s learned and teaches

[13:38] – Sarah’s book: Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations

  • 13:45 – There are 100 fear-based emotions listed and there’s a meditation to help you move through it; there are also 100 love-based emotions to move towards
  • 14:30 – Her story, student examples, and case studies are weaved throughout
  • 15:48 – The words “I am” program your subconscious mind; instead, give yourself a moment to not be okay without defining yourself by that state
  • 16:20 – We’re good at suppressing emotion; adversity is an opportunity to grow

[16:50] – Adversity as an opportunity to grow

  • 17:05 – Sometimes you need to break down to breakthrough

[17:45] – Cultivating an abundant mindset

  • 18:00 – If you aren’t cultivating an abundance mindset, you’re supporting a scarcity-based one; entrepreneurs need to look where limiting beliefs come from
  • 18:41 – The doorway to abundance is through finding the origin of limiting beliefs and redefining those beliefs

[19:00] – How she helps people move past limiting beliefs

  • 19:10 – It requires practice; when something comes up, perceive it in a way that serves you
  • 19:55 – Allow the feeling to be then release it; trust that you’re in a phase, not permanence

[20:44] – More on her book

  • 20:55 – She has 11 other books, but this is the first big book that has personal stories too; it’s nerve-wracking but exciting
  • 21:37 – It’s being published in 5 languages and is available in audio as well

3 Key Points

  1. Anything the mind can think is possible.
  2. Meditation and the healing journey can take many forms.
  3. Joy is the currency of consciousness.


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