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Nick Sonnenberg is an entrepreneur, WSJ Bestselling Author, Inc. columnist, and guest lecturer at Columbia University. Having spent 8 years working as a high-frequency trader on Wall Street, Nick developed a passion for efficiency before he founded his company Leverage.

He has created the CPR® Business Efficiency Framework, which is the result of working nearly a decade with many teams across all industries. His framework helps teams to get better results, less stress, happier employees, and productivity – just by the use of the right tools in the right way.

His latest book features Nick’s story as well as the CPR® Framework: Come Up for Air: How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work.



Time Stamped Show Notes


[00:03] Nick, welcome to the show…

  • 00:57 Nick talks about his background, his book, and how he got to the place he is today. He also explains his relationship with time and efficiency.
  • 04:30 How he came about focusing on time and efficiency. Nick tells his hero’s journey, how he overcame the difficulties in his company and why he came to the point where he needed to analyze how they are using time.

[10:09] Nick introduces his concept of CPR: Communicate, plan and resource..

  • 12:23 About the fallacy of hiring more people to get more capacity. Why there is a low chance this strategy will work out.

[15:58] What impacts did the companies see when they implemented Nick’s process?

  • 17:08 How do the teams respond to Nick’s consulting when it comes to changing the way they operate? Nick talks about the importance of psychology in that aspect. 
  • 19:07 Creating rapport is the instant win when it comes to overcoming resistance.
  • 19:50 Are the companies that reach out to Nick in crisis or do they see it as an interesting optimization?

[23:32] Is Nick still focusing on the consulting work post-book-launch?


Key Learning Points…

  1. You can be a billionaire and you’re still having only 24 hours a day
  2. If one gives 3 seconds to save somebody else 300 seconds, everyone wins.
  3. Removing barriers that annoy people will lead to more output and a better culture.



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