088 – Dan Martell – Buy Back Your Time


This week’s guest is Dan Martell, serial entrepreneur, investor, husband and athlete from Canada. He has coached over 600+ SaaS founders, founded 5 companies and successfully exited 3 of them.

Knowing how rocky his journey was, he wanted to pass on his experiences by helping others to get there in half the time, which is why he created SaaS Academy.

You’ll learn how Dan mastered his life after having had a rough upbringing which resulted in a high-speed chase with the police and what advice he gives to people who are in similar situations. He also talks about his newest book “Buy Back Your Time” where he teaches ho to build a business that you don’t grow to hate.


Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:12] Welcome to the show…

  • 00:31 Dan talks about his background in business and how he got to the place he is today. He talks about his difficult upbringing and childhood which resulted in high-speed chase with the police. 
  • 05:04 Elliot asks Dan about the advice he’d give to someone who is in a rough place. Dan talks about self development, emotional intelligence and other basic self development philosophies that are highly transformational. 

[06:34] Dan explains his philosophy behind the advice of becoming the person you needed most. 

  • 08:52 Although Dan has been in rehab many times, he tries to explain what made his final time there so successful and healing. 

[14:42] Elliot asks Dan how he would recommend people start getting involved in self development.

  • 17:38 Dan explains how he makes investment decisions and what aspects are important to him.
  • 19:34 As a coach, Dan is learning so much from his clients by helping them get clear on the things they’re stuck on.

[20:08] Tenacity is the thing Dan is looking for when he invests in people. It’s the belief of someone who is putting his head through the wall in order to succeed.

  • 24:24 Dan presents his upcoming book “Buy Back Your Time”. He explains that he wants to teach people how to build a business they don’t grow to hate. 
  • 29:54 “You can not fundamentally know every aspect of every area in your business and build a big business at the same time.” The mindset of letting go is required in order to buy back your time.
  • 33:39 Dan shares where people can find him and his coaching program.


Key Learning Points…

  1. “Become the person you needed most.”
  2. “What you feed your mind, your thoughts will create actions.”
  3. “Self confidence comes from keeping the commitments you make to yourself.”



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