087 – Todd Youngblood – Sleep-Driven Health


Today’s guest is Todd Youngblood. Not only is he a successful serial entrepreneur, but also Co-Founder and CCO of Sleepme Inc., a company that focuses on sleep-driven health with sleep temperature optimizing technology.

Having had multiple incredible successes in the business world as well as being a prolific innovator, who filed over a dozen patents, Todd Youngblood now tries to shape the future of sleep. How he wants to achieve this, he’ll explain in this podcast episode.


Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:10] Welcome to the show! Elliot immediately jumps in and talks about how much Todd’s sleep products have helped him with his sleep. 

  • 00:58 Todd gets asked where his idea of cooling sleep devices comes from and he starts answering by telling the story of his grandfather who came up with the idea of the original water beds.
  • 02:58 Todd Youngblood discusses sleep quality versus sleep quantity which leads him to talk about sleep density, which focuses on maximizing the sleep opportunity. Thermal regulation is one key in order to do that according to Todd.
  • 05:53 The colder the better the sleep? Todd answers this question for Elliot and tells the difference between deep and REM sleep.
  • 07:22 How is Todd tracking sleep? What methods does he use and recommend? How does it compare to traditional sleep trackers?

[10:00] What are the different sleep states and why is there so much focus on deep and REM sleep?

  • 10:28 Deep sleep explained. Todd explains how we get the toxins out of our brain during the phase of deep sleep.
  • 11:38 REM sleep explained. During REM sleep we choose what memories we file and what memories we can forget.
  • 12:44 Light sleep is a transitory period when you are moving between awake and REM sleep. 
  • 13:27 Getting two hours of both REM and deep sleep is optimal to sleep performance. Even if this happens during a 6 hour sleep, it’s sufficient for recovery.
  •  14:12 What about the amount of hours of sleep? Does it really matter that much compared to our quality of sleep?

[17:10] Todd Youngblood talks about the products his company offers and how they help with sleep quality.

  • 25:00 Todd teases the upcoming sleep me app, which helps the users to optimize their sleep in different settings like hotels and travel as well as presenting methods on how to achieve optimal sleep.
  • 26:55 Elliot asks about athletes and what experience Todd Youngblood’s company has with them.
  • 28:25 Deep sleep will improve reaction time according to science. 

[29:57] Todd Youngblood talks about the products his company offers and how they help with sleep quality.


Key Learning Points…

  1. Sleep quality outweighs sleep quantity and we can get high mental acuity and recovery with even less than 6 hours sleep per night.
  2. Thermal regulation is one important factor in optimizing sleep quality.
  3. Sufficient deep sleep will remove toxins from your brain and improve reaction time.



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