053 – John Assaraf – Unlock Your Brain For Success

053 – John Assaraf – Unlock Your Brain For Success

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It’s easy to set a goal… But what does it take to make it reality? Most people struggle to get out of the wishing and wanting stage—what’s holding them back?

See, goal setting and action taking happen in two completely different parts of the brain…

To bring them together, working in harmony towards your goals, you’ve got to upgrade the operating system that runs your biocomputer. And the key is in your subconscious habits.

The good news is you can reprogram your operating system through awareness, intention, and action!.

In this episode, bestselling author John Assaraf shares the secret to making your dreams reality. Not only is John an expert on self-development, but he brings together world-renowned mind researchers for the annual Brain-A-Thon event to share the latest in tools, techniques, and conversations in neuroscience.

Listen to this episode to learn more!

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with John Assaraf!

  • [00:01:29] A bit of background on John—self-development books and mental game work…

[00:04:36] Consistency is necessary for inner change…

  • [00:06:22] Creating the user’s manual for your powerful biocomputer brain

[00:10:27] Brain-A-Thon—a free annual brain training event for you!

  • [00:14:32] From limiting beliefs to freedom and success, no matter your age…
  • [00:17:47] Innercise #1: Take Six, Calm the Circuits—override your habits!
  • [00:24:31] Incredible lifechanging results from consistent innercising…
  • [00:27:57] What can you expect at Brain-A-Thon?

[00:30:11] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode!

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3 Key Points

  1. Just like you would train your body, you’ve got to train your brain as well. As the old saying goes, what you don’t use, you lose. Keep your mind in shape by doing ‘innercises’ to strengthen and tone your neurons to get to your goals faster and more efficiently.
  2. Your dreams can become your reality! You just need to reprogram your mind to make them happen. The real key is consistency—a little bit of awareness, intention, and action every day is guaranteed to upgrade your biocomputer operating system over time.
  3. It’s one thing to set goals, but actually taking all the steps to complete them is difficult for a lot of people. That’s because these two actions happen in different parts of the brain. By spending time every day innercising, you can override your subconscious habits and change your life!


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