Introducing Primed Mind 3.0

Primed Mind 3.0 Levels

As a Primed Mind user, you aspire to become the best version of yourself. 

You do that through daily introspection, crafting a bold vision, taking consistent action, and continually iterating yourself. 

These are attributes we share as a company, which is why we are so proud to announce the next evolution of the Primed Mind experience

Introducing Primed Mind 3.0 

Primed Mind 3.0

We’ve completely redesigned the app from the ground up for a sleek, intuitive, and modern experience. 

That means you can open the app and find what you’re looking for faster than ever. 

The new home page allows you to continue your progress on Mindset Upgrades (formerly Courses), gives intelligent recommendations based on how you use the app, makes it easy to discover new content, and displays your progress in the app. 

Speaking of progress…

Levels and Achievements 

One of the keys to living a Primed Life is making consistent progress toward your biggest goals and ambitions. Primed Mind helps with that, and with Levels & Achievements, you can now visually track your progress with the app. 

Primed Mind 3.0 Levels

You gain levels simply by using the app. Every minute you listen moves you one step closer to the next level. 

Primed Mind 3.0 Badges

Achievement badges are earned by completing specific milestones in the app. Building up streaks, listening to new categories, and sharing Primers with friends are just a few ways to obtain badges. 

Living a high-performance life is supposed to be fun, and Levels and Achievements add a new layer of excitement and accomplishment to the Primed Mind experience. 

New Voice Options

In addition to the silky smooth voice of Elliot Roe, many Primers now offer the option to choose your preferred voice. 

Top Mindset & Performance coach Adrienne Carter has joined the Primed Mind team and is working through all our content so you can choose between a male and female voice. 

Check her out in Primers such as; Fall Asleep Fast, Daily NSDR, and Take A Power Nap

Primed Mind 3.0 Voice

Custom Reminders 

Do you need a little nudge to stay consistent with your mindset training? 

You can now create custom reminders for any situation to stay primed for your most important activities. 

Primed Mind 3.0 Reminders

Brand New Content 

Over the next few weeks, we are rolling out a ton of new Primers to celebrate the launch of Primed Mind 3.0.

This includes extended-length sleep Primers, mid-day NSDR rechargers, quick shifts for when you need a big impact in a short time, and new Upgrades on Growth Mindset and Assertiveness. 

We’ll update you with each new release, and in the meantime, we’d love to hear what type of content you’d like us to add to the app next. 

Click Here To Try Primed Mind 3.0 

And this is just the start. 

We have big plans for 2023 as we continue our mission of helping humans unlock their full potential. 

With the launch of the new app, we’ll be increasing the price of our subscriptions to match industry standards. 

To reward those who’ve joined us on this journey, we wanted to give you one more chance to subscribe before we implement the new pricing structure in the New Year.

So, if you’re ready to make 2023 your best year yet, click here to check out the new Primed Mind.