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Using a combination of meditation, hypnotherapy and performance coaching, our mindset coaching app generates states of peak performance, effortless calm, and deep sleep in just minutes a day.


Learn to oversee your thoughts and feelings through mindfulness


Use the power of hypnosis
to induce states of focus, motivation, deep sleep,
& calm. 

Life Coaching

Powerful visualization exercises and affirmations unlock your highest levels of performance.

Effortlessly Achieve A State
Of Calm Whenever You Need It

Take a step back from the worries of your day and quickly melt away stress and anxiety. Return to the center and stay in control of your emotions anytime, anywhere.

Fall Asleep Fast

Remove the thoughts racing through your mind at a million miles per hour. Fall quickly into a
deep, restorative sleep and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.

Control Your Mindset
At Any Time

Generate states of deep focus, boundless motivation, and unshakeable confidence. Choose how you want to feel, pop in your headphones, hit play, and Primed Mind does the rest.

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Mindset is the key that unlocks your full potential, and it’s my job to help you create the changes needed to build a strong mindset so you can attack each day with full focus and determination.

Primed Mind is based on my unique Mindset and Performance coaching methodology that leverages a combination of hypnotherapy, visualization, and behavioral design.

After working with Professional Athletes, High-stakes Poker Players, Olympians, UFC Champions, Hollywood actors, Wall Street traders, Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Executives, I’ve had the privilege to discover what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to personal-development.

If you’re ready to knock down the mental barriers holding you back from performing to the peak of your abilities, make sure to join me in the Primed Mind App.

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