01 – Brendon Burchard – The Six Essential High Performance Habits


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Brendon Burchard is considered by many to be the world’s top high-performance coach. He is a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, was named top 25 most influential by success magazine, has amassed over 100,000,000 YouTube views on his channel, and at the time of this recording, has the #1 ranked podcast in the world.

In this episode, Brendon explores how recovering from personal tragedy set him down this path and what you can do to find your A-Game and start living your best life. He also explains the research involved in the multi-year, multi-country, multi-million dollar study on the world’s most successful people. The data obtained in this study became the foundation for his book, High Performance Habits, which was the #2 ranked business book in the world in 2017.

Key Takeways

  • 03:08 – What inspired Brendon to help improve people’s performance
  • 06:42 – Brendon’s effect on the people around him initially
  • 07:48 – How to deal with the negative people in your life
  • 09:46 – Let life be an educator
  • 10:28 – How long it took to research and write High Performance Habits
  • 15:14 – For most people, common sense isn’t common practice
  • 15:42 – Creativity is not as prominent as other high performance habits
  • 16:32 – High performers feel it is necessary to excel at what they’re doing
  • 17:35 – Putting performance pressure on yourself isn’t bad according to data
  • 18:40 – Taking things for granted when you’re good
  • 19:39 – Fear of failure and outcome stops you from advancing
  • 22:13 – People only fear three things: loss, hardship, and outcome pain
  • 24:04 – How you know you’re on your A-game
  • 25:50 – How Brendon manages his energy to be on his A-game
  • 29:48 – Superiority, neglect, and dissatisfaction can derail high performers
  • 31:28 – Integrating the “wins” in your life changes how you feel
  • 36:45 – High performance is long term success while maintaining well-being and relationships

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Self-improvement Test – https://www.highperformanceinstitute.com/

Brendon Burchard’s Official Website – https://brendon.com/

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