067 – Tom Wang – Conquering Doubt


Tom Wang flunked out of three colleges because of poor grades. His friends thought he was a loser. His family thought he would fail. But Tom conquered the doubt and created his success on his own terms… After finally finishing his degree, he made it his goal to earn $100,000 in the first year—and he crushed it.

Then, he discovered Amazon and built his first thriving business, which he exited in 2021, and now he coaches other FBA business owners. What did it take for this entrepreneur to go from a zero to one of the top salesmen in his industry to successful businessman? Listen to this episode to hear Tom’s journey.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this episode with guest Tom Wang

[00:01:34] Growing up in China, then moving to Canada…

  • [00:03:50] Tom dabbles in side hustles and flunks out of three colleges for poor grades
  • [00:06:40] Finally earning the degree and hitting the goal of $100,000 in the first year after graduation
  • [00:08:39] Tom’s first Amazon business success

[00:10:48] Transforming doubt into motivation and determination

  • [00:13:17] Modeling the best in your industry to map your own road to success
  • [00:19:22] Tom starts coaching others and creates a course on Amazon FBA
  • [00:22:09] Working through imposter syndrome and putting in the effort to succeed

[00:26:34] Where can you learn more about Tom and his Amazon FBA course

[00:30:03] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode of the Primed Mind Podcast!

3 Key Points

  1. No matter what business you’re thinking about entering, the key to success is taking the first steps—then sticking with it. Tom’s first business win came after many failures—he was willing to try new things, to experiment, and to see his dream through to fruition.
  2. When doubt surrounds you, turn it into motivation. Tom’s more traditional friends and family didn’t understand his entrepreneurial spirit, but he chose to fuel his mindset for success instead of succumbing to the status quo.
  3. And if you want to get to the top of your field, recreate what the elite are already doing. Tom sought out the best salesperson at his company and studied his every move—and met his goal of making $100,000 in his first year.



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