058 – Blake Eastman – Powerful Communication in Virtual Spaces

Blake Eastman – Powerful Communication in Virtual Spaces

In a world of lockdowns, isolation, and remote work, communication skills are more important than ever.

Whether it’s communicating with your team or catching up with friends and family, virtual spaces are where connection happens in today’s world.

While this may feel like a massive shift, the principles of good communication stay the same.

It’s not just what you say but how you say it with tone and body language.

Zoom calls are here to stay, so we invited Blake Eastman of The Nonverbal Group to share some tips and tricks to get you on the path to better video calls.

Struggling to keep your employees engaged in your virtual meetings? Don’t be a snooze fest! Check out this episode for some insight into where you might be going wrong—and how to fix it.

Blake and his team are the experts on body language, especially when it comes to business. Not only does The Nonverbal Group research what makes great communication, but Blake coaches executives and business owners on how to make theirs better. Listen to this episode to learn more.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:00:00] Welcome to this week’s episode with guest Blake Eastman

  • [00:01:44] Blake’s love for poker psychology sparks the creation of The Nonverbal Group

[00:03:33] The struggle of effective communication through virtual means…

  • [00:07:16] Cultivating empathy from behind the Zoom camera
  • [00:10:53] Mindful and dynamic expression of emotional range to engage your audience…

[00:15:30] Tips for executives and business owners for better virtual meetings

  • [00:17:39] Zoom fatigue—do you really need that hour-long meeting?
  • [00:20:19] Clearing the path for a message that connects
  • [00:24:55] Cultural protocols still play a role in the Zoom world of business
  • [00:28:57] Know your limits, set clear boundaries, and adapt your schedule accordingly!

[00:33:09] Where can you find out more about Blake and The Nonverbal Group?

[00:33:51] Wrap-up—thanks for checking out this episode with Blake Eastman!

3 Key Points

  1. Empathy, body language, tone, and dynamic emotional expression still play a huge role in effective communication, especially in today’s virtual world. Focus your attention on how your message is being received, and don’t worry about your haircut!
  2. Can your meeting be an email instead? If you’re spending time gathering people together on a no-distractions video call, you want to make sure that it’s worth it. If you believe you can communicate it more effectively through other means, go with that instead.
  3. It’s just not the same when you’re screen to screen… Zoom fatigue is real, and it’s important to know your limits and set your schedule accordingly. Keep your virtual meetings short and to the point.


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