046 – Nicholas Spohn- 4 Steps To Performance On Demand

046 – Nicholas Spohn- 4 Steps To Performance On Demand

What if you could snap your fingers and generate a state of gratitude, energy, and confidence?

Well, that’s exactly what this week’s A-Game Advantage guest, Nicholas Spohn, teaches his clients to do. Nicholas is a hypnotherapist and performance coach who specializes in using body language to create specific emotional states allowing you to access peak performance on demand.

In this episode, Nicholas shares his four steps to creating powerful body language patterns, and how you can start implementing them in your own life today.

Time Stamped Show Notes

[01:35] Welcome to the show…

  • 01:49 The realization that Nicholas’ business was limited by his mindset…
  • 02:53 Becoming the observer…
  • 03:11 Your success is limited by your emotional state.

[04:43] How body language is linked to emotional states

  • 04:56 Our capabilities are linked to our emotional state
  • 05:14 How Nicholas breaks down “body language”
  • 05:10 Part 1: Your Breath
  • 06:20 Exercises for calibrating your breath
  • 07:10 Part 2: Your Posture
  • 07:29 The posture for creating confidence and energy
  • 08:34 The effect your posture has on those around you
  • 09:18 Part 3: Your facial expresses
  • 09:26 What happens to your body (and mind) when you smile
  • 10:44 Part 4: Your Movement

[11:52] Combining the 4 parts to create states for peak performance

  • 12:31 Creating a set of emotional “presets” that you can access on demand.
  • 13:29 How Nicholas went from bombing on stage to speaking with confidence and charisma.
  • 16:07 How to create these states of peak performance for yourself.
  • 17:33 How would the best version of myself deal with the problem in front of me?

[19:15] Using these strategies to deal with uncertain times

  • 19:35 Certainty doesn’t mean you are certain about what will happen, just that you are certain you’ll find the way through.
  • 20:33 Steps to take to turn uncertainty into opportunity
  • 20:43 Ask yourself: What opportunities exist now that didn’t exist 3 months ago?
  • 22:34 The energy of the people around you has a massive effect on your personal energy
  • 23:03 How your social media feed effects your energy

[25:15] Next steps if you want to start working on your body language

3 Key Points

  1. Your capabilities are directly linked to your emotional state.
  2. You have the ability to program and access states of peak performance on demand.
  3. The biggest opportunities are usually paired with times of uncertainty.



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